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Julie le Brocquy

Julie Le Brocquy, born in Ireland in 1960, was educated in Ireland. She is divorced with two children and is one of Irelands leading creative film producers. Her work has been showcased at leading festivals, been the recipient of numerous awards ...

Orla Doherty

Orla Doherty is an Irish producer with BBC Studios Natural History Unit. She is known for producing The Deep and co-producing Our Blue Planet episodes for BBCs Blue Planet II.

Anthony OGarvey

Anthony O’Garvey was the Roman Catholic Bishop of Dromore from 1747 to 1763 or 1766 during the Recusancy in Ireland. He succeeded to a vacant bishopric administered by the Archbishops of Armagh and was succeeded by Bishop Denis Maguire. Bishop O’ ...

Walter Blake fitz John

Walter Blake fitz John, Bishop of Clonmacnoise, County Offaly, Ireland, died 1508. Blake was the son of John Blake Fitz William, third mayor of Galway (1487-88. His mother was Annabel Burke, and his brothers Geoffrey, Andrew and Peter. Blake was ...

Arthur Magennis

Arthur Magennis, DD was an Irish bishop in the sixteenth century: he was appointed Bishop of Dromore by the Pope in 1550. from 1745 until 1763. This was confirmed later that year by Edward VI.

Tomas mac Gilbert O Cellaigh

Tomas mac Gilbert O Cellaigh, Bishop of Clonfert, died 1378. Thomas was the son of king Yip man, Gilbert O Cellaigh, who ruled 1307-15, and again from 1318 until his death in 1322. Thomas became Bishop before 14 October, 1347, to see which had be ...

Tomas mac Muircheartaigh O Ceallaigh

Tomas mac Muircheartaigh O Ceallaigh, O.P., Archbishop of Tuam, 1438 to 1441. Bishop O Ceallaigh was translated from Clonfert in 1438. He was a member of a dynasty of UI Maine in the South-East of Connacht. The history of the Popes he says: was t ...

Seoan O Leaain

Seoan O Leaain, Bishop of Clonfert, 1322–1336. O Leaain appears to have been a member of the same family as Mauricius O Leaain, Nicol O Leaain, and Gregorius O Leaain. Previously archdeacon of Tuam. He was elected on 10 November 1319, but was not ...

Tomas O Mellaig

Tomas O Mellaig, Bishop of Annaghdown, died after 27 May 1250. About Mellaig was a native of what is now County Galway, where his surname is now rendered Melia. He was a kinsman of the first Bishop, Conn ua Mellaig, although their exact relations ...

Hugh OCarolan

Hugh OCarolan was Bishop of Clogher from 1537 to 1557: first appointmented by Pope Paul III on 6 August 1535 he was consecrated in January 1537. On 1 October 1542 OCarolan renounced his papal appointment, and was re-appointed by King Henry VIII.

Gould Arthur Lucas

Gould Arthur Lucas, Irish soldier and survivor of HMS Birkenhead, fl. 1830s- 19 May 1914 The son of the honourable Edward Lucas, of castle Shane, County Monaghan, Ireland, Lucas was a warrant officer during the sinking of the HMS Birkenhead. Ensi ...

Radio Eireann Players

The Radio Eireann Players were a repertory company for radio in Ireland, formed in 1947, which performed in regular drama productions for Irish broadcaster, Radio Eireann. After the depredations of the war-time years and a devastating fire in the ...

Ratold of Italy

Ratold was a King of Italy who reigned for a month or so in 896. He was an illegitimate son of King Arnulf of East Francia. He and his half-brother Zwentibold are described by the Annals of Fulda as being born "by concubines". Their mothers are n ...

Cecco del Caravaggio

Cecco del Caravaggio, is the notname given to a painter who worked in Rome in the early decades of the 17th century and was an important early follower of Caravaggio. In the past art historians have suggested he may have been a Flemish, French or ...

Ermanno Donati

Ermanno Donati was an Italian film producer. Along with Luigi Carpentieri, Donati won the Nastro dArgento award for Best Producer for the film The Day of the Owl.

Fausto Tardelli

Fausto Tardelli is the current Bishop of the Diocese of Pistoia in Roman Catholic church. He was already a Bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of San Miniato, but transfer to Pistoia in 2014 to replace Mansueto Bianchi.

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