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Atsumi Thermal Power Station

CHP Atsumi oil-fired thermal power plant operated by Gera in Tahara, Aichi, Japan. The facility is located on reclaimed land at the tip of atsumi Peninsula at the entrance to Mikawa Bay.

Yoshigo Shell Midden

In Yoshigo shell midden is an archaeological site containing the Jomon shell midden is part of the city of Tahara, Aichi on the atsumi Peninsula in the Tōkai region of Japan. The site was designated a national historic site of Japan in 1951.

Tsushima Shrine

Tsushima-Jingu Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Tsushima, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This is the main temple of the country-the temple of a wide network of sanctuaries dedicated to the cult of Tsushima, mainly in the Tōkai region, this network includes ...

Yaizu Shrine

Yaizu Jinja is a Shinto Shrine in Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan. This temple is also called the Irie Daimyojin.The main festival of the Shrine is annually on August 13.

Kurihama, Yokosuka

"Kurihama" directs here. For a station with Kurihama Station. 久里浜 region Kurihama in Yokosuka city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Kurihama place where Matthew Perry landed at its first negotiations on the opening of Japan on July 14, 1853. The ...

Mount Yōrō

Yōrō mountain is a mountain located in the towns of Ōgaki and Yōrō, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Its peak rises 859 m and the main peak in the Yōrō mountains that stretch through the region. It was previously called mount tags. There is a big Park wit ...


Akmol, a former Malīnovka until 2007, is a rural locality and the administrative center of Tselinograd district, Akmola region, Kazakhstan, approximately 17 kilometres West of Astana. Population: 5.711, 4.835. Starting in 2012, it had a populatio ...


Almaty is a city in Almaty province, southeastern Kazakhstan. The town is located between Almaty and Talgar, 25 km from Almaty and several kilometres East from Talgar.

Birlik, Kazakhstan

It is located a few kilometers to the West of the districts of the administrative center of Talgar and a few miles South-East from the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. It is directly across the road from Almaty to Talgar. The main road leads ...


Shelek informed the chilika, is a town in Almaty region in the South-East of Kazakhstan. The administrative center Shelek rural district. It is located about 69 km North-East of the centre of the city Issyk. Code Kato 194083100. The village was f ...


For bond index JPMorgan EMBI EMBI Kazakh: Emb, EMBI-town in Mugalzhar district of Aktobe region of Western Kazakhstan. The city is situated on the left Bank of the Emba river. Population: the census 11.212 2009, 12.345 results of the 1999 census.


Oktyabrsk is a city, administrative center of Mugalzhar district of Aktobe region of Western Kazakhstan. Population: 29.169, 25.553.


The aul of Kobda is and the administrative center of Kobda area, Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. The kobda river Kobda.


Martuk village, the administrative center of Martuk district of Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. It is situated at altitude 181 m above sea level.


Shalkar is a city and the administrative center of Shalkar district of Aktobe oblast of Western Kazakhstan. The city is located to the North of the desert Borsuk Ulken near lake Shalkar. Population: 26.574, 26.329.


Kotyaevka is a small village located on the right Bank of the river Kigash in the Kurmangazy district of Atyrau region of Kazakhstan. Geographic coordinates: latitude: 46° 32 40 N, longitude: 48° 45 E. 20 It is located 30 kilometers from the admi ...


Shar is a city in Zharma district of East Kazakhstan region in Eastern Kazakhstan. Population: 8.156, 9.482. Shar is situated on the left Bank of the river Orb, left tributary of the Irtysh. The name of the city derives from the name of river.

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