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Wulsin (Abbot Ulsinus)

Wulsin was a ninth- or tenth-century abbot of St Albans Abbey, England. According to the 13th-century chronicler Matthew Paris, in 948 he founded St Albans School, which is still active. Abbot Wulsin Ulsinus also founded the market in St Albans i ...

George Walter Prosser

Prosser was appointed a captain in the 23rd Light Dragoons on 24 January 1818. He transferred to the 7th Dragoon Guards on 8 August 1822 and was promoted to major in the infantry on 10 June 1826. After writing an essay on the Past and Present Sta ...

John Wainwright (Royal Navy officer)

John Wainwright C.B. was an officer in the Royal Navy. In 1806 he became captain of the frigate of the Navy of chiffon and, in 1809, was Commodore of a squadron sent to suppress the pirates in the Persian Gulf. After the Led of the joint services ...

Andrew Frost (hammer thrower)

He competed for England at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia and competed for Scotland at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. He just missed bronze medals by finishing 4th in both events. He also competed for Scotland a ...

Chris McAlister (hurdler)

Chris McAlister is a British athlete specialising in the 400m hurdles. He represented Great Britain in the mens 400m hurdles event at the 2019 World Athletics Championships. as well as the 2019 European Team Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Hi ...

Joan Hunt (bowls)

In 1977 she won the silver medal in the fours at the 1977 World Outdoor Bowls Championship in Worthing with Joan Sparkes, Margaret Lockwood and Mabel Darlington and also competed in the pairs. She won the 1969 & 1975 titles in singles and pairs i ...

Sam Kenyon

Sam Kenyon was a British jockey who was British Champion jockey in 1866, riding 123 winners. He has been described as "the most fashionable lightweight of the mid-Victorian period." Amongst his key victories were the City and Suburban Handicap on ...

William South (jockey)

William South was a Derby-winning British jockey. He won the ninth running of the race on the horse Sir Thomas, trained by Frank Neale and owned by George, Prince of Wales, the future George IV.

Jackie Brown (swimmer)

Brown was a two times British champion, in 1971 when she won the 200 metres backstroke title in Leeds and in 1972 when she won the 100 metres backstroke title in Crystal Palace at the National Championships. She represented England in the 100 met ...

Alexander Clapper

Clapper was the British champion over 200 metres breaststroke in 1994. He represented England in the breaststroke events, at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He Swan to the city of Coventry Swimming club.

Kevin Crosby

Crosby was twice the British champion over 200 metres butterfly in 1991 and 1993. He represented England in the butterfly events, at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He Swan for the Warrington warriors Swimming club.

Brian Curtis

He represented England in the 220 yards butterfly at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales. He was a member of the swimming club Watford.

Brian Day (swimmer)

He represented England in the 220 yards breaststroke at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales. Championships Asa British National won the title of the 220 yards breaststroke in 1957. He also was the champion Yorkshire b ...

Emma Tattam

Tattam was the British champion over 100 metres backstroke in 1994. She represented England in the backstroke events, at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She Swan to the Portsmouth Northsea Swimming club.

Richard Hodgson (water polo)

Richard Hodgson was a British water polo player. He competed at the 1924 Summer Olympics and the 1928 Summer Olympics.

Ron Eland

Ron Eland was a South African weightlifter. He competed in the mens lightweight event at the 1948 Summer Olympics, representing Great Britain.

Catherine Upton

Catherine Upton was a poet and governess who was in Gibraltar during the time of the Great Siege. Her husband was Lieutenant John Upton of the 72nd Manchester Regiment. In 1787, she published The siege of Gibraltar, from the twelfth of April to t ...

Polstead Road

Polstead Road is a residential road that runs between Kingston Road and Hayfield Road to the west and the Woodstock Road to the east, in the suburb of North Oxford, England. Halfway along it forms the southern junction of Chalfont Road. The road ...

Nelsons band of brothers

Band of brothers was a phrase used by Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson to refer to the captains under his command just before and at the Battle of the Nile in 1798. The phrase, taken from Shakespeares St Crispins Day Speech of Henry V, later came to b ...

Celebrity Big Brother (British series 4)

Celebrity Big Brother 2006, also known as Celebrity Big Brother 4, was the fourth series of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. It was hosted by Davina McCall and was broadcast on Channel 4 from 5 January 2006 until 27 Ja ...

Arbury Banks, Hertfordshire

Arbury Banks is a hill fort southwest of Ashwell, Hertfordshire, England. It was probably first constructed during the late bronze age, 1000-700 years BC. Standing at 90M above sea level, is one of six similar hillforts along the Northern Chilter ...

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