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Kempton Park, Gauteng

Kempton Park is a city in Ekurhuleni in the Gauteng province, South Africa. Kempton Park was part ekurhuleni Metropolitan municipality since 2000. Kempton Park is located within the West ekurhuleni and shares its administrative boundaries with th ...

Metsimaholo Local Municipality

Metsimaholo local municipality is an administrative area in the Fezile Dabi district of the Free state in South Africa. "Metsimaholo" means "big water" in the language of Sesotho.

Rand West City Local Municipality

West Rand city local municipality is a local municipality in South Africa. It was established after local elections in August 2016 through the merger of randfontein and Westonaria local municipalities.

Setsoto Local Municipality

Following local municipality administrative area in the Thabo Mofutsanyane district of the Free state in South Africa. The name in Sotho means "beauty". The following is headed by Ficksburg, then Senekal, Clocolan and Marquard. It is the municipa ...

Bundang-Naegok Urban Expressway

In Bundang-Naegok city Expressway, is the highway in South Korea, connecting Bundang-GU, to Sujeong-GU seongnam-si in Gyeonggi province.

Bundang-Suseo Urban Expressway

In the Bundang-Suseo city Expressway, is the highway in South Korea, connecting Bundang-GU, to Sujeong-GU seongnam-si in Gyeonggi province.

Iljik Junction

In Iljik intersection of the interchange is located in gwangmyeong, Gyeoggi, Republic of Korea. Seohaean Expressway and the second gene In the chord intersect at this intersection.

Cheonan Junction

Cheonan junction, soon Cheonan JC is a node located at Dongnam-GU, Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea. Gyeongbu Expressway in the Nonsan–Cheonan Expressway, and Asan–Cheonan Expressway meet here. Connection type Y-shaped intersection. Asan–C ...


Chuncheon is the capital Gangwon province in South Korea. The city is located in the Northern part of the County, is the basin formed by the soyang river and Han river. There are several large lakes surrounding the city, especially the lake soyan ...

Daejeon Southern Ring Expressway

The Daejeon South Circular Expressway, Daejeon Nambu Sunhwan Expressway or Daejeon South ring road, an Expressway in South Korea, connecting line speed hones in Gyeongbu Expressway in Daejeon. Numbered 300, it covers a length of 20.8 kilometers.


Jumunjin is a EuP on the North-East of the city of Gangneung. The population is about 20.600, or about 7.000 households. Approximately 10% of them are engaged in fishing and agriculture, respectively. Jumunjin is the site of Jumunjin Harbor, a si ...

Daekyeung University

Nov. 30, 2004 a research center of the TC wine completed. On 15 may 1998, launched products" LAGOSOL”, YSU is the first own brand. Jan. 08, 1992 Jungam school Corporation established. 21 may 2007, won the Grand prize in the 1st contest of the emp ...

Jinju Citizen FC

Citizen Bucheon FC is a South Korean football club based in the district of Jinju. The team was founded on the 23rd of December 2019 and plays K4 League, semi-professional League and the fourth level of football in South Korea.

Pangyo Junction

The intersection of Pangyo also known as JC, is a node located in Bundang-GU Sujeong-GU, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Gyeongbu Expressway and Seoul ring Expressway meet here. It is named after the new city in which it is located, Pangyo. C ...

Abai village

Abai village is a small village of North Korean refugees, located in the Chong-Ho district, City of Sokcho of Gangwon province, South Korea. The villagers consist mainly of refugees, and even originally from Hamgyeong province in North Korea who ...


EXPO Studio apartment is located on the road connecting the Crossroads from To from-EUP, Yeosu, South jeolla and Seongsangyo in Haeryong-GU, Gwangju, South jeolla. All of the sections is part of the national highway 17 and from the intersection D ...

Local Route 22 (South Korea)

Local route 22 Yeosu–Suncheon line is a local route South Korea that the unification of SAK 3-in Hwayang-myeon, Yeosu, South jeolla province in Congo 5-in Jangcheon-Dong, suncheon, South jeolla province.

Suncheon Junction

Suncheon interchange, shortly Suncheon JC, is a node positioned in soemyeon / busanjin-GU, Gwangju, South jeolla, South Korea. Namhae highway and Suncheon–Wanju Expressway meet here. The type of compounds removed turbine.


Taebaek is a city in Gangwon province, South Korea. His name is shared with the mountains of the East Korean. Located at an altitude of 650 to 700 m, in the town of Taebaek is highest city in South Korea.


Wonju is the most populous city in Gangwon province, South Korea. Wonju is a city approximately 140 km 87 miles Southeast of Seoul. Its about an hour drive from Seoul. 50 minute train ride or 80 minute bus ride away. Wonju was the site of three m ...

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