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Chandni (Malayalam actress)

Chandni Geetha, known mononymously as Chandni, is a Malayalam film actress best known for her work in the movie Celluloid, by the veteran director Kamal.

Vishak Nair

He made his debut in the 2016 Malayalam film Aanandam. It was followed Puthan Panam and Chunkzz in 2017. He also appeared in commercials. He is currently working in the upcoming film Chembarathipoovu.

Santhosh (actor)

Santhosh is from Thiruvananthapuram. He is the only son of retired headmaster C. N. Kesavan Nair and P. Rajalakshmiamma, who is also a retired teacher. He grew up along with his two sisters in Pettah, Thiruvananthapuram. Santhosh was brought up b ...

Anthem of the Beiyang Fleet

Anthem of the Beiyang Fleet is the official anthem of Beiyang Fleet, Qing Dynasty. This anthem was once lost in history, but a scholar called Yue Chen re-found this anthem when he went to the United Kingdom in 2012. Then a composer Xue Ye in Peop ...

Han Eight Banners

Han Eight Banners), were one of the three divisions in the Eight Banners of Qing dynasty. At beginning, members of Han Eight Banners had used to be Han Chinese living in Ming dynasty. During the transition from Ming to Qing, these people were con ...

China National Highway 110

China National Highway 110 runs from Beijing to Yinchuan, via Hohhot and Baotou, in Inner Mongolia. It heads northwest from Beijing to Zhangjiakou then heads straight west, and runs to approximately 1.100 kilometres. In October 2004, and November ...

China National Highway 111

China National Highway 111 runs from Beijing to Heilongjiang province. It leaves Beijing heading North-East. In November 2019, completion of an extension in the northernmost city in China, Mohe Walagan.

Kakahi, New Zealand

Kakahi) is a small King Country settlement about 10 kilometres up the Whanganui River from Taumarunui, New Zealand. Founded as a sawmill town, it takes its name from the Māori word for the New Zealand freshwater mussel.


Raetihi is a town in the central North Island of New Zealand. It is located at the junction of State Highways 4 and 49, 11 kilometres west of Ohakune. The 2013 New Zealand census recorded its population as 1.002. This constitutes a decrease of 3. ...

Pathans of Kashmir

Pathans in Kashmir include Pashtun people who still follow Pashtunwali and speak Pashto as their mother-tongue who have settled in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir region of South Asia. While there are also a large number of Muslims througho ...

Pathans of Rajasthan

The community are descendants of Pashtun Pathan soldiers and adventurers who came to Rajasthan to serve in the armies of various Rajput princes. While the principality of Tonk was founded by Ameer Khan in 1817, a Yousafzai Pathan, and was the onl ...

Alizai (Pashtun tribe)

Alizai is a Pashtun tribe indigenous to southern Afghanistan, Western Pakistan and Balochistan. It belongs to the Panjpai confederation of the larger Durrani tribe of Ahmad Shah Durrani. The Alizai Pashtuns are usually bilingual in Pashto and Per ...


The name Nurzai or Noorzai,نورزئی linguistically, is a combination of Arabic and Pashto meaning son of the light. The word nūr derives from the Arabic word for the light. While the word zai derives from the Pashto word for son or son of. Zai affi ...

Abakhel (Pashtun tribe)

Aba Khel is the subtribe of Mandanr Yusafzai Pashtun tribe in Swabi District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. They are settled in villages Zaida, Kaddi, Hund, Shah Mansur, Khunda, Ambar, Panj Pir, Beka, Aryan, Lahor and Kheshgi.


Balar Khel is the largest Khel in Usi Khel, Aba Khel subtribe of Mandanr Yusafzai inhabiting Swabi District & Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan.

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