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Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur is the chief bishop and principal leader of the nearly half a million Syro Malabar Catholics now used to be the largest catholic diocese in India, when it included the Syro-Malabar Catholic Archdiocese of T ...

Kiko Seike

Seike was born in Tokyo on August 8, 1996. She joined Nadeshiko League club Urawa Reds from youth team in 2014. She played many matches as forward from first season and was selected Best Young Player Award. In 2019 season, she was converted to ri ...

Tshibinda Ilunga

Ilunga was the son of Ilunga Mbili the warrior, hunter, prophet and Prince who came from East of the Lualaba river and became general of King Kongolo’s army and also helped him establish the Luba Kingdom. Tshibinda Ilunga was his son as well as K ...

Lim Dae-hyung

Lemon Time short, 2012 - director, screenwriter. Moonlit Winter 2019 - director, screenwriter. Merry Christmas Mr. Mo 2017 - director, screenwriter. The World of If short, 2014 - director, screenwriter.

Nawabzada Shahabuddin Khan

Nawabzada Shahabuddin Khan was the Khan of Jandool, a princely state that is now part of Pakistan, from 1947 to 1969. He is remembered for building schools, hospitals, forts and roads but also for his absolute rule over the region, which ended wh ...

Ludovico Calini

Cardinal Calini was born in Calino on 9 January 1696. He was ordained priest on 17 December 1718, he was elected Bishop of the diocese of cream on 11 September 1730, and ten days later on 21 hi was consecrated by cardinal Angelo Maria Quirini in ...

Cardinal of Milan

The Cardinal of Milan may refer to: Giovanni Arcimboldi d. 1488, Archbishop of Milan 1484-88, Cardinal 1473-84. Stefano Nardini d. 1484, Archbishop of Milan 1461-84, Cardinal 1473-84.

Cardinal of Urbino

Holders of the title Cardinal of Urbino have included: Gabriele de Gabrielli 1445-1511, bishop of Urbino, 1504–11, cardinal 1505-11. Giovanni Battista Mellini 1405-1478, bishop of Urbino, 1468–78, cardinal 1476-78.

Cardinal of Venice

The Cardinal of Venice may refer, among others, to: Francesco Condulmer, nephew of Pope Eugene IV. Maffeo Gherardi 1406–1492, Patriarch of Venice 1466-92, Cardinal 1489-92. Pietro Foscari d. 1485, Cardinal 1471-85.

Cardinal of Monreale

The Cardinal of Monreale may refer to: Juan de Borja Lanzol de Romani, el mayor 1446-1503, Bishop of Monreale 1483-1503, Cardinal 1492-1503. Juan Castellar y de Borja 1441-1505, Bishop of Monreale 1503-05, Cardinal 1503-05.

List of Albanian film directors

Andamion Murataj 1970. Dhimiter Anagnosti 1936. (Анагности Dhimiter 1936) Arian Çuliqi 1960. (Ариан Çuliqi 1960) Kristaq Dhamo 1933. Edmond Budina 1952. (Эдмонд Будина 1952) Ibrahim Muçaj 1944-2010. (Ибрагим Muçaj 1944-2010) Kujtim Gjonaj 1946. ( ...

AL and AL

Al Holmes and Al Taylor also known as AL and AL are British filmmakers and visual artists. Known for their surrealist films, they combine live action performance with computer generated environments to create dream worlds in film. Since 2001 the ...

May el-Toukhy

May el-Thouky is a Danish-Egyptian film director, known for directing the 2019 film Queen of Hearts. She also directed the 2015 film Lang historie kort.

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