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List of Dhaka Dynamites cricketers

This is presenting a complete list in alphabetical order of cricketers who have played for Dhaka Dynamites in Twenty20 matches held by the Bangladesh Premier League. The Dhaka Dynamites franchise was formed ahead of the 2015 BPL edition, replacin ...

Sangara (king)

Sangara or Sangar was a king of Carchemish, who until recently was known only from Assyrian sources, but who in 2015 was also identified in Hieroglyphic Luwian by the Turco-Italian Archaeological Expedition at Karkemish. He is documented for 870 ...


Syennesis was the name of a number of men in classical antiquity. In particular it seems to have been a common name of the native kings of Cilicia. Syennesis, a contemporary with Achaemenid Empire king Darius I, to whom he was tributary. Syennesi ...

Bagh Hazarika

Bagh Hazarika, also known as Ismail Siddique, is a 17th-century figure from Assam, known for his valor. He was born at Dhekerigaon village near Garhgaon. Once a tiger had entered his village and Ismail Siddique, who was literally unarmed, killed ...

Seulf (archbishop of Reims)

Seulfe was a disciple of Remi dAuxerre and he was the Archdeacon of the Church of Reims. He was elected, in 922, to the death of Hervee, with the consent of King Robert, and consecrated by Abbon, bishop of Soissons. In 923, the year he sent the p ...

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