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Olsobip-city station in the North of the Papua New Guinean Western province, located on the top of the river fly. It is the seat of Olsobip rural LLG. It is a rural airport but, in rich forests, inaccessible to vehicles. As a result of its isolat ...


Ñacunday is a town in the Department of Alto Parana, Paraguay. It is known as the Ñacunday National Park with the impressive, approximately 40 m tall and 110 m wide Salto Ñacunday.

Presidente Franco District

Presidente Franco is a district of the Department of Alto Parana, Paraguay. In addition to a great export of fruit and vegetables, Presidente Franco district is well known for Saltos del Monday - 45 m tall and 120 m wide waterfall. It is a border ...

Capitan Bado

Capitán bado is a city in the Department of Amambay, Paraguay. It was founded July 25, 1914, during the reign of Edward Schaerer. It is located on the Cordillera del Amambay, the mountain range in Northern Paraguay.

Doctor Juan Manuel Frutos

DR. this town in the caaguazú Department of Paraguay. The town was formerly called "Pastoreo" and is still widely known by this name.


Santa Rosa del Mbutuy is a town and district in the city of caaguazú Department of Paraguay that is best described as Cruz del Mbutuy residents of the Santa Rosa district, where it is located, because the intersection of two major roads that the ...

Nueva Londres

Nueva Londres is a town on the South-West division of the city of caaguazú, Paraguay. It has an area of 883 square kilometers, and according to the 2002 census 3.875 residents. It is located 137 km from the city Asuncion.

Buena Vista, Paraguay

Buena Vista is a city in Paraguay, Caazapa Department, at the beginning, this city was the result of a new political division of the country on June 25, 1945.

Doctor Moises Bertoni

This city used to be called" the station is Estacion Sosa” Sosa, located between Caazapa and Yuty and founded in about 1880. He was named Dr. Moises Bertoni on July 27, 1931, in decision No. 40.843, stated the Executive, which was signed by Presi ...

Maciel, Paraguay

The area is located in the northwestern part of the Department and shares border with two districts of Caazapa Dr. Moises S. Bertoni, One of the Department of Paraguari Mbuyapey and two Department of Guaira Borja and Iturbe.

General Francisco Alvarez

General Francisco Alvarez is a town and district in the Department of Canendiyu, Paraguay. It is located about 500 km from asunción, the capital, on route No. 10.


Aregua is one of the main cities of the Central Department in Paraguay, located 28 kilometers from the capital Asuncion. The city is located between lake Villa ELISA in the East and mountains in the West. Aregua is known for its colonial architec ...

Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay

Fernando de La Mora is a city located in the Central Department, and is part of the Metropolitan area of Asuncion, Paraguay. With some 160.000 inhabitants, the city is one of the most densely populated in the country. The city is divided into two ...


Guarambare is a town in the Central Department of Paraguay. Guarambare was the name of the Guarani tribe in the North-East of Paraguay, at the time of the founding of the Spanish colony in the 16th century. The reduction of the Franciscans was fo ...

Ita, Paraguay

It has a total of 81.084 people 40.708 were males and females 40.377, according to the forecasts of the Main Directorate of statistics, census and survey.

Julian Augusto Saldivar

Julian Augusto-Saldivar is a city located along the 23rd to 28th kilometer of Ruta 1 in the Central Department of Paraguay. The city is known for its exports of tangerines, lettuce and other agricultural products. The town has grown considerably ...


Among the historical sites of this city stands the Church of San Lorenzo, which was founded by Spanish settlers in 1718 when Ñemby population of 2.187 inhabitants, historical monuments also of the Colegio Nacional Pablo Patricio Bogarin and escue ...

Nueva Italia, Paraguay

"Central division" of Paraguay, with the "great asunción" capital district is divided into 19 districts. One of which is located in the southernmost section of Nueva Italia:


Horqueta city of Paraguay, in the Department of concepción, located 50 kilometers from concepción city and 428 kilometers from asunción. Set in the hill.

San Lazaro

San Lazzaro is a town in the concepción Department of Paraguay. Located 660 km from asunción and 190 km from the capital concepción, its population was 9060 in 2002. Located at the confluence of the rivers Paraguay and APA. The main activity is m ...

Altos, Paraguay

It is also called" the Altos de Ybypytare”, which in Guarani means" path of the wind” formerly known as" San Lorenzo de La Cordillera de Los Altos”, one of the oldest cities of Paraguay. It is known as" the terrace of the country” because of its ...


The Old town of Atyra Paraguay, 61 kilometers from the countrys capital, Asuncion. Located in the Altos Cordillera, it is part of the Department of Cordillera.

Caraguatay, Paraguay

Caraguatay, Guarani: Karaguatay) is a district and town located in the vapor region of the Cue of the Cordillera Department in Paraguay. The livelihood of most citizens includes farming, fishing and local trade.

Emboscada, Paraguay

San Agustin de La Emboscada” refers to the ambush before the Spanish conquest, against Carios tribe made by the Guaicuru people. It is also known as Stone city because many people work in the mining industry.

Itacurubi de la Cordillera

The climate in the Department of Cordillera is warm and dry. The average temperature is 22 °C, highest in summer and 39 degrees minimum in winter, grade 3.


Bernardino is a town and district in the Cordillera Department, Paraguay. It is of spontaneous origin, though some attribute its founding to Martin Ledesma de Valderrama in 1636. Since its founding documents were burned during the Paraguayan war, ...

Primero de Marzo

Primero de Marzo is a small town and district in the marshy lowlands of the Cordillera Department in Paraguay. The site is located near the shallow meandering river Yhaguy which locals utilize primarily for fishing and recreation. Primero de Marz ...

Borja, Paraguay

According to the 2002 census this district has a total population of 9222 inhabitants. Only 3.2% of the total population lives in urban area, 298 inhabitants.

Capitan Mauricio Jose Troche

Mauricio Jose pastilles-one of the areas in the Department of Guaira, Paraguay. It is located 183 km away from asunción, capital of Paraguay. In this area the population dedicates mostly to agriculture and agriculture. They also intend to manufac ...

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