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Xiao Cong

Emperor Jing of Liang 梁靖帝, as later honored by Xiao Xi in 617), personal name Xiao Cong, courtesy name Wenwen, known during the Sui dynasty as the Duke of Ju then Duke of Liang, was the final emperor of the Chinese Western Liang dynasty. He di ...

Zhan Ziqian

Zhan Ziqian was a famous painter of ancient China from Yangxin County in modern-day Shandong province. His birth and death dates are unknown. It is known that in the Sui dynasty he was appointed to the office of Chaosan Dafu and later of Zhangnei ...

Zhang Zhenzhou

Zhang Zhenzhou was a Chinese Tang dynasty politician and Governor of Shuzhou in Anhui. When he was appointed Governor Shuzhou, his native place, he went to his old home and spent ten days in feasting his relatives and friends. Then, calling them ...

Chaghan Temur

Chaghan Temurs family originated from Central Asia. His great grandfather immigrated to China following the Mongols invasion. He himself was from Shenqiu. When he was young, Chaghan Temur passed the imperial exam and obtained the degree of Juren. ...

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