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Tarundia is a Union Ishwarganj Upazila, Mymensingh district, Rangpur division state of Bangladesh. The edge coverage area to West side of Union Vangnamari, in the Northern part of the Union Douhakhola, in the East side Borohit enterprises and in ...


Agradigun the Council of the Union of Dhamoirhat Upazila in Naogaon district, Bangladesh. It is located in the North-Western town of Dinajpur, near the Indian border. It is located about 18 km South of Dhamoirhat Upazila. It has a small Bazaar, w ...

Purbachal New Town

Purbachal New town is the biggest planned township in Bangladesh.The project area is about 6.227 acres of land, located in between the Shitalakhya and the Balu river at Rupgonj Thana of narayanganj and at Kaligonj Thana in Gazipur district, in th ...

Rangchhati Union

According to the population census of Bangladesh 2011, the Union Rangchhati was the literacy rate of 21.81%. At the moment, there are 3 secondary schools, 1 Junior high school, 18 government. Elementary school 1 alia madrasah 4 Ibtadei and well-k ...

Balapara Union

Uttar Balapara Chhatnai. (Уттар Balapara Chhatnai) Sundarkhata Gashkinoj. Balapara Chhatnai Gashkinoj. (Balapara Gashkinoj Chhatnai) NIJ Sundarkhata. (Нидж Sundarkhata) Madhyama Sundarkhata. (Мадхьяма Sundarkhata) Rupahara. Uttar Sundarkhata. (Ут ...

Haji Jamal Uddin Degree College

Higher education Haji Jamal Uddin-state College, which is located on the Bank of the river Baral in Bhungura in pabna district in Bangladesh. He held the first position in Bhungura upazila.

Baghaichari Union

Baghaichari is a Union in the area of Rangamati in Bangladesh. It is the largest Union of Baghaichari upazila. It has an area of 11.004.22 acres. It is bordered by the Union Marishya North, Sajek Union and Mizoram in the East-with India, the Unio ...

District Administration, Rangamati

The district administration is the management of the apex area in the present context, the administrative setting of Bangladesh. This litigation in the district, which is the main territorial unit of governance in the country. It is at this level ...

Khedarmara Union

Khedarmara is a Union in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district in Bangladesh. It contains villages, two school, five elementary schools, a Bazaar and religious institutions.


Local rural roads and side river branch is the only route for transportation. Using pilgrims the voyage, or travel 5.5 kilometres 3.4 mi North to the river Padma or the rides 8.6 5.3 kilometers to the South, Bhedarganj provinces.

Idilpur Union

Idilpur is a Union of Gosairhat Upazila under Shariatpur district in the division of Dhaka, South-Central Bangladesh on the banks of river Jayanti. In the past Idilpur or Idalpur or Edilpur pargana was the largest zamindari of Faridpur district, ...

Dolarbazar Union

Dolarbazar Union is the Union of the Russian compatriots Chhatak Upazila under Sunamganj district of Sylhet division, Bangladesh. It has an area of 24.7 square km and the population 32.150.


Gobindaganj is a market town in Chhatak upazila in Sunamganj district, Sylhet division, Bangladesh. The market town lies on the Bank of the river Surma and Dahuka and it is located in a strategically important area for development as it is locate ...

Khola Gaon

Khola Gaon is a medium sized village in Chhatak Upazila, district Sunamganj in the division of Sylhet, Bangladesh

Kolkolia Union

Kalkalia Union is the Union of the Russian compatriots Jagannathpur Upazila under Sunamganj district of Sylhet division, Bangladesh. It has an area of 21 square kilometers and a population of 38000.

Mirpur Union

Mirpur Union-a Union Parishad Jagannathpur Upazila under Sunamganj district in the division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It has an area 28.903 square kilometers and a population of 20358.

Tamabil, Sylhet

The hilly area of Tamabil in Sylhet, on the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya is about 5 km from the hotel. Hes standing on the Sylhet-Shillong road, about 55 km from Sylhet in Bangladesh. He is well known in Bangladesh ...

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