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Tulln an der Donau

In Tulln an der Donau is a historic town in the Austrian state of lower Austria, in the administrative location of Tulln district. Because of the abundance of parks and gardens, Tulln is often referred to as Blumenstadt.

Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Waidhofen an der Ybbs is an independent city in the Austrian state of lower Austria. The town had a population of 11.662 as of the 2001 census. It was first mentioned in 1186 and has been the economic centre of the Ybbstal valley since the 14th c ...


Waidmannsfeld is a municipality in the Wiener Neustadt-land district, lower Austria, Austria. In the forested parts of the municipality is 77.9% of its area. Waidmannsfeld consists of the cadastral communities Neusiedl and Waidmannsfeld.


The municipality is surrounded by extended forests of rural Waldviertel region, near the border with the Czech Republic. It is located in the upper reaches of the lužnice river Lainsitz, a tributary Vltava Moldau North-European watershed. The cit ...


Wolfsthal is a town in the district of Bruck an der leitha in Lower Austria in Austria. He, along with the neighboring Berg was part of the municipality Wolfsthal-Berg until 1996. Its the end of the line for S7 Vienna high-speed train.


Tauplitz is a former municipality in the district of Liezen in the Austrian state of Styria. From 2015 the Styrian municipal structural reform, it is part of the municipality of bad Mitterndorf.


Steyr, the center of Bavaria: Steia) is a statutory city, located in the Austrian Federal state of Upper Austria. It is the administrative capital, though not part of Steyr-Land. Steyr in Austrias 12th most populated town and the 3rd largest town ...


Wels is a city in Upper Austria, on the river Traun, near Linz. This district Wels-Land and with a population of about 60.000, the eighth largest city in Austria.

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