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In amsom is a section of villages in India, especially in Kerala. It is the administrative unit in accordance with the officer, known as Adhikari. Often amsoms understood as villages.

In India, States are divided into many districts. The districts are also divided into the Panchayat. In each Panchayat there are many villages. Towns divided into amsoms. Each village contains from two to eight amsoms.

  • near to the river and the place is called Annara desam and Trikkandiyoor amsom in the former Kingdom of Tanur Vettattnad Vallathol Narayana Menon, poet
  • these viewpoints. Actually, Arimbra was a separate Revenue Village called Amsom at the time of British Raj. When the village head Adhikari was suspended
  • facilitate easy access for fishing boats. Chaliyam is an island in Kadalundi Amsom formed by the Beypore and Kadalundi rivers, and it was formerly the terminus
  • is performed for this tree and naga prathishta, treating it as Vishnu Amsom The flag staff Kodimaram is erected in front of the temple. The stone
  • Zaramella best screenplay : SUNSET DAY directed by J.A. Duran Jury : Patrick Amsom Camille Solal, James BKS, Isabelle Doll, Florent Lamy, Isabelle Duval, Fouad
  • 1047C. doi: 10.1126 science.1188383. PMID 1188383. Feldmann, R. J. 1976. AMSOM Atlas of Macromolecular Structure on Microfiche.. Maryland: Tracor Jitco
  • one Abdulla Kutti Musaliar of Vayakkad lectured on Khilafat, in Kizhakoth Amsom Calicut Taluk. And at a second meeting held the next day at Pannur Mosque
  • peasants were held in the Bharatheeya building in Naniyoor in Kolachery Amsom of old Chirakkal Taluk. Kolachery Karshaka Sangham was formed with Vishnu

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