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The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club was formed in 1978 in Savannah by Tom Nelson and Carl Shoemaker, who were looking for something" different,” now the team has up to 50 members, a senior men’s and women’s team, plays around the region, belongs to the Georgia Rugby Union and hosts the popular St. Patricks Day Tournament. The team colors are kelly green and gold. The home fields for matches are Forsyth Park and Daffin Park.

In 2013, the new leadership at the captain, and in the course of this year the shamrocks club finished 4-2 in the Georgia section of the Rugby competition 3 and was eliminated from GRU to play games with a loss to Charleston. Savannah finished the 2013 season with a record of 4-3.

2013-14 competitive season will be one of the most successful campaigns in the clubs history with the team opening with a 4-0 run in the black tournament of roses, hosted by Georgia southern University, and claiming the championship. Savannah wanted to run through the GRU division 3 League season with an 11-0 regular season record, defeating opponents from Armstrong Atlantic University, Golden Isles, Hilton head, Valdosta state University, North Rugby club of Atlanta, the high country, Athens and Atlanta renegades. The shamrocks hosted the GRU division 3 championship and defeated Athens eagles. Savannah the 2013-14 season will come to an end in the South regionals with a loss to Gainesville, Florida, and the final record of 12-1.

The clubs 2015 season has surpassed even the heights that were achieved during the 2013-14 campaign. The shamrocks completed their second regular season in a row, losing to GRU with a 9-0 Record Victory Atlanta old white, Aug, Business, Hilton head, North Atlanta, Athens, the G. R. I. T. S. "high country" and Macon. Along the way, the club participated in the St. Patricks Day and took 2nd place in division 2 and defeated the Atlanta renegades, making it a clean sweep of all the enemies in Georgia. Savannah took victory in a penalty GRU semifinal match to set up the championship game GRU Athenian eagles for the second year in a row. Savannah defeated Athens 29-24, to finish his second season in a row loses GRU and capture a second consecutive League title GRU. In the South regionals, hosted in Augusta, Georgia, Savannah took on #1 seed, clinch river, VA, Champions of the South region. Savannah defeated his opponent 38-5 to move into the championship game of the southern and a rematch with last year, the spoilers, Gainesville FL. The shamrocks lost three consecutive games in Gainesville, including their South semi-final loss in 2014, but managed to avenge this loss when it mattered most, defeating the pigs 27-5 and earn a place in the national elite 8 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Savannahs 2015 season will come to an end with the loss of the old Gaelic PA with a score of 24-33. Savannah also will fall in the consolation match against Danbury Connecticut with a score of 27-38. The results of the weekend mean that Savannah shamrocks would finish the 2015 season 13-2 record and put on 7-th place in the United States in division III.

In 2016, the Savannah shamrocks entered the season Grew as heavy favorites and hopes for the year, based on their last two seasons. Shamrocks will complete an unprecedented third consecutive time, losing to GRU regular season with a 9-0 record by defeating Atlanta Old White, Augusta, Columbus, Hilton head, North Atlanta, Athens, high country, business, and Macon the average margin 64-5. Savannah once again participated in the St. Patricks Day tournament in the middle of the competitive season, but this time in the Premier League, and the defeat of the Chicago fire and the defeat in the semifinals of the USA Rugby South all-star team with a score of 0-8. Savannah squared Augusta Maddogs in the championship game of the GRU with a score of 62-7 to capture their third title in a row GRU. In the South regionals, placed in Montgomery, Alabama, the shamrocks were able to come from behind at halftime to defeat the Montgomery yellowhammers 33-21 to advance to their second consecutive championship of the South. Savannah squared from southern pines, North Carolina champion in the South championship game and shouted to a huge advantage and managed to hold the lead in the second half, winning with a score of 53-26 and go to the national elite 8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Savannah season comes to premature end for the second consecutive year, this time in the hands of Bremer County Iowa, dropping the contest 17-36. However, Savannah will not let defeat ruin their season, and in a consolation match with rocky gorge, the shamrocks will take their discontent to the tune of 77-0 win. The victory secured the Savannah shamrocks 5-th place in the United States in division III, improving on their finish of 2015 and sets new clubs best result at the national level.

In the 2017 season saw Savannah shamrocks enter a rebuilding year with a player-coach Scott "Boston" Lucas, he moved to Florida and playing coach Matthew Midgett by taking on the responsibilities of the coach. In 2017 the shamrocks once again claim first place in the standings of the regular season, going 9-1 in the regular season with wins over Macon, Atlanta Old White, Augusta, Columbus, Athens, GWINNETT, North Atlanta high country, and Atlanta dollars in the fall only once on the road to Atlanta renegades. Savannah will hold the high country in the semifinal match, which they won 41-24. Savannah rose Atlanta renegades in the championship game of the GRU with a chance to avenge their only loss of the regular season, but will come to 3 points. Savannah does not claim their 4th championship in a row GRU with a score of 26-29. With the 15S season ends sooner than expected, Savannah shamrocks will now turn their attention to the 7th season, they continue looking forward to the upcoming season 2018.

In 2018 Savannah shamrocks would finish their season of people are going to 11-1 in Georgia Rugby GRU and for the 5th year in a row appear in the championship game of the GRU to lose a Heartbreaker in overtime in Augusta. Savannah shamrocks also went 3-0 in the St. Patricks Day capture the division championship 2. Savannah held regular season, not losing a match 10-0. In the semifinals, a rematch of one of their closest regular contests with the Atlanta renegades. Savannah survived the renegades in overtime, setting the championship game of the GRU Augusta. Unfortunately, Savannah will fall in overtime to Augusta in the championship match. Savannah appears in five of the GRU championship matches, winning three of those contests. Savannah was an opportunity to strengthen the composition with a lot of young talent and hopes to keep many of the players as they look forward to reclaim the championship GRU in 2019.

In the 2019 season began with Matthew Midgett moving from player-coach official coach and the assistance of Liam Globensky teams captain. Several new players joined the club during the whole season and would help strengthen the clubs depth as they returned to form, going undefeated in the regular season 5-0 and defeated Augusta Maddogs in a rematch of the championship game GRU 2018 with a score of 54-12. During the regular season clubs, Savannah also played in the Premier division St. Patricks day tournament and faced three division 1 clubs and went 2-1 with wins over Cincinnati and Columbus, while the fall in a close match in Detroit, comes out with a 4th place in the tournament. For the first time in the clubs history Savannah shamrocks hosted the South regional tournament competition mens section 2 & 3, and 2 sections Womens Rugby. The shamrocks were able to take advantage of it, defeating the palm beach Panthers in the South semifinals with a score of 17-3. The next day, Savannah was able to defeat Asheville iguanas 26-10 claiming the championship of the South and return to the national elite 8 for the third time in six years. The season of shamrocks, unfortunately, came to an end against a tough team Grand rapids mi with a score of 21-29. The consolation game will not go Savannah as they faced off against the National Vice-2018, long island, and were defeated to close the season with a 9-2 record and a No. 7 finish in division 3 of the United States. Note during the season, Liam Globensky clubs will break the single season scoring record, tallying 139 points.


1. The St. Patrick Day’s Tournament. (Святого Патрика день турнира)

St. Patricks day Rugby tournament in Savannah is one of the largest in the country, every year the tournament 75 teams from Michigan, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, new York, new Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, as well as teams from Canada, England and Ireland. In St. Patricks Day is held in Daffin Park, Savannah, GA.

The Savannah shamrocks have given a portion of the proceeds from the annual event for local charities and individuals in the Savannah and Rugby communities for the past 15 years and will continue to do so. They also host their own float in the annual parade on St. Patricks Day, the second largest in the country celebrating St. Patricks Day.

Grand Champions of the tournament:

  • 1994 - Maryland Exiles.
  • 2010 - The Willing.
  • 2015 - Cincinnati Wolfhounds.
  • 2019 - Life. (2019 - жизнь)
  • 1986 - Cincinnati Marmots.
  • 1996 - BATS Boston Area Touring Side.
  • 1989 - Old White Atlanta.
  • 1988 - Augusta. (1988 - Огаста)
  • 1985 - Augusta. (1985 - Огаста)
  • 1982 - Mystic River Club University of Maryland.
  • 2011 - Cincinnati. (2011 - Цинциннати)
  • 1992 - RocknRoll Rebels Ottawa, Canada.
  • 2000 - New York Athletic Club.
  • 2018 - Life. (2018 - Жизнь)
  • 2007 - The Willing.
  • 1979 - University of Georgia.
  • 2002 - Unpossible XV.
  • 1983 - Xavier Old Boys.
  • 1981 - Jacksonville. (1981 - Джексонвилл)
  • 1984 - Life College.
  • 1995 - New York Rugby Club.
  • 2003 - Atlanta Renegades.
  • 1987 - Pelicans St. Petersburg.
  • 1997 - Northern Virginia.
  • 1993 - RocknRoll Rebels Ottawa, Canada.
  • 2004 - Cincinnati Wolfhounds.
  • 2017 - Life University.
  • 2005 - Worchester RFC.
  • 2016 - Cleveland Crusaders.
  • 2013 - Cincinnati Wolfhounds.
  • 2008 - The Willing.
  • 1999 - New York Athletic Club.
  • 2001 - White Plains New York.
  • 2009 - The Willing.
  • 1991 - Bergan. (1991 - Берган)
  • 1990 - Life College.
  • 1998 - Northern Virginia.
  • 2006 - Air Force.
  • 2014 - USA Rugby South Panthers.
  • 1980 - Atlanta High Country.
  • 2012 - Air Force.
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Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club Sports League Savannah.

The St. Patricks Day Tournament is held in Daffin Park, Savannah, Georgia. The Savannah Shamrocks have given a portion of the proceeds. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club company overview, insights, and. In the annual Savannah Shamrocks RFC St Patricks Day Tournament in Savanah, to play in the Savannah tournament and various others around the world. Amanda My name is Amanda I Roomi. Savannah Shamrocks RFC Georgia Rugby Union USA Rugby, St. Patrick Melrose RFC Rugby World Cup Sevens Rugby union Rugby sevens, others, leaf,​.

South Recap: Playoffs Set Up South Finals for First Weekend in May.

Savannah Shamrocks Womens The Atlanta Harlequins pounded the Southern Pines RFC Saturday 75 5. II Womens Champions Fort Miami, will take on the Savannah Shamrocks in the second semi final matchup. USA Rugby South wand. The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club is a rugby union team from Savannah, Georgia and member of USA Rugby and Division III of The Georgia Rugby Union. Savannah Shamrocks RFC Georgia Rugby Union USA PNGEgg. Savannah Shamrocks RFC Georgia Rugby Union USA Rugby, St. Patrick Saint Patricks Day St. Patricks Day Shamrocks, St Patricks Day Shamrock Decor,. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club Inc in Savannah, Georgia GA. The Cape Fear Rugby Club was shutout of all division finals at its home finish line with a 19 7 win over the Savannah Shamrocks in the final. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club Search for Activities, Events and. Congratulations to the Savannah Shamrock mens team as they will be moving out and watch and support your local rugby club, the Savannah Shamrocks!!.

Cecile kelly arenson The Breman Museum.

19 2015. Forsyth Park Drayton St. & East Park Ave., Savannah ​Downtown. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club vs Cape Fear Rugby Club. Sat., Nov. Charleston Hurricanes International Gay Rugby. The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club is a rugby union team from Savannah, Georgia and member of USA Rugby and Division III of The Georgia Rugby Union​.

Hanscom officers work, play hard in St. Patricks Day Rugby.

Mar 16, AM, A, Savannah Shamrocks St. Patricks Day Tournament, Savannah, GA, Tourny. Mar 16, 1:00 PM, A, Atlanta Renegades St. Patricks Day​. Links – BallsOutRugby. Tabby Tales RescueNonprofit Organization. The Kindergarten ChroniclesShow. The Savannah BananasSports Team. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby ClubSports. Murphys Law Irish Pub in Savannah, GA RelyLocal. The match was part of the annual Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Clubs St. Patricks Day Rugby Tournament, held in Savannah, Ga. Airmen. Schedule South Pittsburgh Hooligans Rugby. We are also PROUD to sponsor The Savannah Shamrocks, our local mens and womens rugby club. Murphys is also happy to have hosted the lads from. Captain Shamrock @CaptainShamroc2 Twitter. Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club in Savannah, undefined Discover more.

Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club, Savannah Company Profile.

The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club has been a part of Savannah, Georgia culture for over 30 years, but they were due for some changes to their image. Sara Uhlig and Giovanni Perezs Wedding Website The Knot. Get insight into Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club! Dive deep into company history, current jobs, hiring trends, demographics, and company reviews. Savannah South Historic yth Park Walk Georgia, USA. Following the match, Thomas Demetriou from Washington RFC was fullback ​wing – Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club, Savannah, Georgia.

Rugby teams ready to celebrate St. Patricks Day early at Daffin Park.

AERFC vs. Savannah Shamrocks RFC in Athens, Southeast Clarke Park, Saturday, 25. March 2017 For the first time in Club history, we were supposed to open. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club Zach Kozdron Graphic Art. White Plains NYCONN RFC. Stamford, CT, US Philadelphia Whitemarsh RFC. Memorial Hall Field view on the map. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club.

Savannah Shamrocks RFC Visually.

Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. Union, USA Rugby, Georgia Rugby Union, Division III. Founded, 1978. Ground s, Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA. President. Links to some of our favorite groups and places. If you plan to stay at the Holiday Inn Savannah please book your soccer and Frisbee, and home field for Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. 10 British Things About Savannah, GA Anglophenia BBC America. Club that Michigan Rugby had never before faced: the Savannah Shamrocks. The Shamrocks proved to be tough competitors and outplayed.

Savannah Shamrocks RFC Georgia Rugby Union USA Rugby, St.

The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club was formed in Savannah in 1978 by Tom Nelson and Carl Shoemaker, who were looking for something different. Now the​. Forsyth Park, Savannah Wheelchair Jimmy Accessibility Reviews. The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club playing rugby in Savannah, Georgia and is a member of USA Rugby and Division III of The Georgia Rugby Union. @savannahshamrocks Instagram profile with posts and stories. We played Savannah Shamrocks Youth and Brunswick High Rugby Club. We should be off to the State Final Tournament at Life University.

Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club Savannah GA, 31405 –.

Basketball courts, areas for soccer and Frisbee, and home field for Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. Standing in the middle of Forsyth Park. AERFC vs. Savannah Shamrocks RFC event Athens. Опубликовано: 7 авг. 2018 г.

Buffalo Rugby Club 2001 Spring Schedule the Buffalo Rugby Club.

Play area, basketball courts, areas for soccer and Frisbee, home field for Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club, a historic fountain, and a Confederate memorial. Mens Club Playoffs Bremer County vs Savannah FloRugby. Basketball courts, areas for soccer and Frisbee, and home field for Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. Standing in the middle of Forsyth Park Следующая Войти Настройки Конфиденциальность Условия. Savannah St Patricks Day Montclair Rugby Club. Tennis courts, basketball courts, areas for soccer and Frisbee, and home field for Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. From time to time, there are concerts held​. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club Pinterest. Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. From time to time, there are concerts held at Forsyth for the benefit of the public. 2 The U.S. Marine Hospital, located at the.

UGA Rugby Club I Athens GA I News.

The UGARFCAA will participate in the 2018 St. Patricks Day Rugby Tournament in Savannah, GA on March 10 11. Hosted by the Savannah Shamrocks Rugby. Al Kennickell President The Kennickell Group LinkedIn. Basketball courts, areas for soccer and Frisbee, and home field for Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club. Standing in the middle of Forsyth Park Следующая Войти. Life University successfully defends rugby title News Bluffton. Savannah, Georgia500 connections Past Chairman of the Savannah Sports Council Past President of the Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club.

Savannah Shamrocks Rfc.

Background Green png is about is about Savannah, Rugby Union, Usa Rugby, Georgia Rugby Union, Shamrock. Background Green supports png. You can. Molly Ritchie Savannah News, Events, Restaurants, Music. Savannah Shamrocks RFC.

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