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★ Villages in Burhanpur district

  • Burhanpur is a village near Kotma tehsil municipality It is situated in block Kotma which is in Anuppur district Madhya Pradesh, India. It had a population
  • Chillara is a village in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. Chillara location Wikimapia Site. Retrieved 19 January 2012. 21 10 38 N
  • Bodarli is a village in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Coordinates: 21 15 N 76 22 E 21.25 N 76.36 E 21.25 76.36
  • Shahpur is a town and a nagar panchayat in Burhanpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The Shahpur Nagar Panchayat has population of 19, 719
  • which is in Maharashtra. Mandwa is a village in Nepanagar Tehsil of Burhanpur district in Madhya Pradesh, India. There is a Mandwa railway station in the village
  • located on the Burhanpur - Ankaleshwar SH - 4 and is well connected with District Headquarter - Jalgaon and with other main cities of district like Yawal, Bhusawal
  • in India. Most temples are Hindu or Jain. During the 12th century CE, it was a centre of Jainism. During British rule, it replaced nearby Burhanpur now
  • India. It is situated near the Satpuda range. Sangvi lies in the Khandesh region, and on Burhanpur - Ankleshwar National Highway 4 Sangvi has an average elevation
  • villages in Bomraspeta mandal include: Amsanpalle Bapally Tanda Bomraspeta Burhanpur Chilmalmailwar Chowdapalle Dudyal Dupcherla Erlapally Erpumalla Gouraram
  • in Mahabubabad district Telangana, India. There are 25 village panchayats in Maripeda mandal. Abbaipalem Anepur Bavojigudem Beechrajpalle Burhanpur Chillamcherla
  • panchayat in Burhanpur district Madhya Pradesh Shahpur, Gujarat, city and notified area in Ahmedabad district Gujarat Shahpur, Huzur, village in Huzur tehsil
  • Nepanagar is an industrial township in Burhanpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Nepanagar is famous for its newsprint paper mill, Nepa
  • medium size village located in Burhanpur of Azamgarh district Uttar Pradesh with total 106 families residing. The Pratap Pur Chhataura village has population
  • complications in Jamod which led to death in the city of Burhanpur near Jalgaon Jamod. After this incident Mughals started calling the village Ja - e - Maut Place
  • Ankleshwar - Burhanpur National Highway previously SH4 runs through the city. It connects Raver to Burhanpur 25 km in Madhya Pradesh Ankaleshwar 365 km in
  • Nepanagar, Burhanpur Khandwa, Harsud. Falling Rain Genomics, Inc - Pandhana Census of India 2001: Data from the 2001 Census, including cities, villages and
  • scholar born 1935. Azamgarh Burhanpur Lalganj Mehnagar Nizamabad Phulpur Sagri Martinganj Banahara Chaukiganjor Azamgarh District Map www.mapsofindia.com
  • on the west Bank called Burhanpur after Saikh Burhanuddin of Daulatabad. The Burhanpur became the capital of farugui dynasty. In 1917 Malik Nasir defected
  • 242 km away from state capital Lucknow. Kanaila is part of Burhanpur Tehsil of Azamgarh District Kanaila is surrounded by Rajesultanpur Tehsil towards the
  • Khiroda is a village in Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra in India, located in the Satpuda Hills 7 km north of Savda on the Burhanpur - Ankaleshwar
  • earlier days. History reveals King Shivaji having commuted to Surat via Burhanpur Dharangaon and Gandhali. It has 300 meters height stoned base along with
  • 30 km Melghat Tiger Reserve - 35 km Washim - 133 km Burhanpur - 140 km Sevagram - 158 km Indian Villages Shendgaon - Anjangaon Retrieved 2 January 2017.
  • each other in east - west direction. Nhavigad is located in Selbari mountain range. All these forts were maintained to keep watch on the Burhanpur - Surat ancient
  • the fort. The fort played a significant role in guarding the trade route from Burhanpur to Surat. Temples in Songir include Someshwar, Gurugovind Maharaj
  • each other in east - west direction. Hargad is located on Selbari hill range.All these forts were maintained to keep watch on the Burhanpur - Surat ancient
  • Qadir Ashrafi Sahab Fazile Burhanpur The neighborhoods Mohallas were considered as a block for a particular community in early days. The nearby attractions
  • the death of Murad, Daniyal Mirza preferred Burhanpur as his viceregal capital. Daniyal died of drink in 1605. The death of his third son was a severe
  • in 1947. Khandwa was known as East Nimar until recently. Burhanpur District was separated from Khandwa District on 15 August 2003. Khandwa District is
  • each other in east - west direction. Moragad is located on Selbari hill range. All these forts were maintained to keep watch on the Burhanpur - Surat ancient
  • are an Adivasi ethnic group predominantly found in the Khandwa, Burhanpur Betul and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh and adjoining areas near the

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