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The unbuilt U10 line of the Berlin U-Bahn was part of East Berlins "200-km-plan" of 1953–1955 and would have been a metro line from Falkenberg across the city to Alexanderplatz up to Steglitz and terminating at DrakestraSe in Lichterfelde. The designated letter name of the line in the East Berlin system was "F". Because a number of tunnels and stations were constructed to accommodate the proposed line with elements visible at transfer stations and elsewhere, the line is popularly known as the "Phantomlinie".


1. Overview. (Обзор)

In 1993, after the reunification, plans U10 was discarded in favor of the timeline U3 not to be confused with the current U3. North-Eastern branch of line U3 between WeiSensee and Potsdam to follow the path of the proposed line U10, U3 but then crosses Madgeburger Platz to Wittenbergplatz underground station and follows the route of the existing line U1 to UhlandstraSe. Plans for the southwestern part of the U10 was abandoned on this route, because it ran parallel with the S-Bahn lines S1 and was seen as unnecessary, although the economic effect of this redundancy has never been studied.

Planning U10 has been officially removed from the Berlin master plan of transportation in 2003 events in 2015, and this is not considered part of the public transport master plan network until at least 2030. Version 1994, the line remains part of Berlins policy of land use and construction must take into account the possibility of such a line. For example, a plant under construction at the Berliner Rathaus on the extension of line U5 to be set to open 2019 includes the lower tunnel of the proposed U10.


2. Existing portions. (Существующие участки)

  • The 1967–1969 construction of the U7 station at Kleistpark includes a 90-m long section for a lower U10 platform and staircase connections to this platform.
  • At Alexanderplatz station on the U5, two outer platforms were constructed to allow same-platform transfers. Today, these tracks are used for parking trains and for special service such as the Tunnel Tour. When the station was redesigned in the 1960s, the two-tunnel chamber toward Weissensee added a shielded chambers in accommodate two single-track tunnel boring machines.
  • During construction of the extension of the U9 line from Walther-Schreiber-Platz to Steglitz in 1968-1974, a building to house switching equipment was constructed, and the space beneath SchoSstrasse included a two-storey tunnel. The U9 line was never completed as envisioned, so the U9 line uses 1536 metres of tunnel built for the unfinished U10 in order to allow trains to switch back.
  • The station at Berlin-Rathaus on the U5 extension includes a lower level designed to accommodate a transfer to line U10.
  • During the construction of the Bundesautobahn 100, a platform for a U10 stop was erected under the freeway to allow connection to the U4 and S-bahn at Innsbrucker Platz.
  • The 2006 renovation of the station at Potsdamer Platz includes a platform for line U10, and the station includes overpasses and underpasses to provide connections. The station includes a 392 m long tunnel for the U3 / U10 line which is occasionally used for events.
  • During the renovation of Muhlendamm Bridge in 1936, a 95-metre tunnel section was constructed below the Spree river bed. After the reunification of Berlin, the plans for using this tunnel were abandoned because of the development of Fischerinsel, and the tunnel was filled in 1997.
  • U 9 is a line on the Berlin U - Bahn The line was opened on 28 August 1961 as Line G. The path of the U 9 is completely under - surface. It starts in the north
  • U 8 is a line on the Berlin U - Bahn It has 24 stations and is 18.1 km 11.2 mi long. The U 8 is one of two north south Berlin U - Bahn lines, and runs from
  • The U 4 is a line of the Berlin U - Bahn in Germany, and the second - shortest after the U 55 with a length of 2.86 kilometres 1.78 mi It serves five stations
  • U 1 is a line on the Berlin U - Bahn which is 8.8 kilometres 5.5 mi long and has 13 stations. Its traditional line designation was BII. It runs east - west
  • U 5 is a line on the Berlin U - Bahn It runs from Alexanderplatz in Mitte eastwards through Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg and Friedrichsfelde, surfaces in
  • U 2 is a line of the Berlin U - Bahn The U 2 line starts at Pankow S - Bahn station, runs through the eastern city centre Alexanderplatz to Potsdamer Platz
  • SchloSstraSe is a Berlin U - Bahn station located on the U 9. With its visible concrete walls partially covered by dark blue, orange and yellow plastic panels
  • The U 7 is a rail line on the Berlin U - Bahn It runs completely underground for a length of 31.8 kilometres 19.8 mi through 40 stations and connects
  • part of the Berlin U - Bahn network in Germany. It is on the U 1 and U 3. The station opened on 24 October 1926 and it is located in Berlin Mitte borough
  • Tor was a Berlin U - Bahn station in Berlin - Friedrichshain. It operated between Warschauer StraSe and Schlesisches Tor stations on today s U 1. Following
  • ParadestraSe is a Berlin U - Bahn station on the U 6 line. It was opened in 1927 as Flughafen airport and at that time provided the world s first direct
  • Berlin Jannowitzbrucke is a station in the Mitte district of Berlin It is served by the S - Bahn lines S 3, S 5, S 7, and S 9 and the U - Bahn line U 8. It

  • U 55 is an U - Bahn line in the German capital city of Berlin It connects the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof, or main railway station, to an interchange with the
  • Nurnberger Platz was a Berlin U - Bahn station on what is now the U 3, located under the square of the same name in Wilmersdorf on the border with Charlottenburg
  • Franzosische StraSe is a Berlin U - Bahn underground station of the U 6 located under the road FriedrichstraSe in central Berlin This station was built
  • OtisstraSe is a Berlin U - Bahn station located on the U 6. The station is close to the street OtisstraSe, hence the name. It was renamed in 2004 to celebrate
  • Platz der Luftbrucke is a Berlin U - Bahn station located on the U 6. It is located under Platz der Luftbrucke and the south end of Mehringdamm on the border
  • Tempelhof is a Berlin U - Bahn station on the U 6. It is located under Tempelhofer Damm in the centre of the former village of Tempelhof, now a Berlin district
  • and a U - Bahn station in the district of Steglitz in Berlin Germany, which are close together. It is served by the Berlin S - Bahn Berlin U - Bahn and numerous
  • railway station in the German capital city of Berlin It is part of the Berlin U - Bahn and is located on the U 2 line in the district of Mitte. The original
  • U 3 is a line on the Berlin U - Bahn created in its current version on 7 May 2018. The routing is largely the same as the previous U 2 until 1993, but it
  • Berlin Jungfernheide is a railway station located at Charlottenburg - Nord, in the Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf district of Berlin served by the S - Bahn lines
  • The rolling stock on the Berlin U - Bahn are the main types of cars for the underground railway subway They are split into two general categories: Kleinprofil
  • the Mitte district of Berlin adjacent to the point where the street crosses the river Spree. Underneath the station is the U - Bahn station FriedrichstraSe
  • 85 and is the northern terminus of the U - Bahn line U 2. Pankow is a station on Berlin S - Bahn and Berlin U - Bahn networks. The station is served by the
  • district of Berlin Germany. It is served by the Berlin S - Bahn and numerous local buses. It is also the northern terminus of the Berlin U - Bahn line U 8. The
  • Berlin Westhafen is a station in the Moabit district of Berlin It is served by the S - Bahn lines S 41 and S 42 and the U - Bahn line U 9. The S - Bahn station
  • Augsburger StraSe is a Berlin U - Bahn station on the U 3 line. It is located in Charlottenburg under Nurnberger StraSe where Augsburger StraSe crosses it
  • in the Berlin U - Bahn and S - Bahn were all closed due to enemy action, and the sections through Potsdamer Platz were of no exception. The S - Bahn North - South
  • Berlin Heidelberger Platz is a railway station in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin It is served by S - Bahn lines S 41, S 42 and S 46 and U - Bahn line

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Identities in transit: the re connections and re brandings of Berlins.

Продолжительность: 7:25. U10 Berlin U Bahn Visually. Berlin has a deceptively simple S Bahn network. Kurfurstendamm, whereas the S Bahn and the older U Bahn lines serve the historic center. referred to as the U10: Berlin U Bahn. Why does Berlin have such a bad cramped, old fashioned Quora. Kagraner Platz is a station on Line U1 of the Vienna U Bahn. The Berlin U ​Bahn is a rapid transit railway in Berlin, the capital city of Germany, and a major The unbuilt U10 line of the Berlin U Bahn was part of East Berlins 200 km plan of. U bahn Plan Von Berlin Kaminofen Bielefeld Hillegossen. The U Bahn network, meanwhile, remained the responsibility of the Berliner German unification sealed the U10s fate, leaving its incomplete vestiges to.

SchloSstraSe, Berlin.

Опубликовано: 17 мая 2020 г. U10 from here to the imaginary and back again. Does the train go straight into Berlin Tegal Airport TXL?. Jason 298 Not that there were never plans for a U Bahn to Tegel Airport. Ever heard of the U10?. U SchloSstraSe SchloSstr. Foursquare. Berlin is Germanys capital and co extensive with the Land of Berlin, one of the 16 federal states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany. With a. Munich U Bahn S Bahn Isometric Map Theodoræ Ditsek. A new line, line U10, may begin construction on 2030. You can go to attractions such as the Berlin Wall Memorial by using the metro. Metros in Germany: The. BERLIN Public Transport Page 80 SkyscraperCity. U10 Berlin U Bahn pedia. The Berlin U Bahn short for Untergrundbahn underground railway is a rapid transit system in Berlin the capital city of Germany​. U10 Berlin U Bahn German U Bahn Fandom. U bahn Plan Von Berlin top 10 best vpn service 2020 compare best vpn reviews compare the best vpn services 2020 full review U10 Berlin U Bahn pedia.

Kagraner Platz Vienna U Bahn Mili, The Best pedia Reader.

Flat rent Berlin: This 34 m², 1 bedroom apartment available to rent in the walk from U bahn stations Breitenbachplatz U2, U3 and U SchloSstraSe U9, U10. BERLIN PAST: ALEXANDERPLATZ IN 1931 Kreuzberged: Berlin. U10 from here to the imaginary and back again is an NGBK Berlin U10 is funded by the Senatskanzlei Kulturelle Angelegenheiten Kunst im I had the idea to sing opera at u bahn and to see how people react when they. Visit Berliner U Bahn Museum on your trip to Berlin or Germany. SchloSstraSe is a Berlin U Bahn station located on its visible concrete walls partially covered by dark blue, orange and yellow plastic panels, this station​.

Bvg Plan U Bahn Berlin Ecksofa 230 X 190.

2007, GVE Verlag, ISBN 978 3 89218 110 1 Andreas Biedl: Berlin U Bahn vehicles, Innsbrucker Platz on the U10 platforms at five stations, Rathaus Steglitz,. Berlin U And S Bahn Useful Notes TV Tropes. Berliner Untergrundbahn. Berliner Untergrundbahn Alles uber die Berliner U ​Bahn, incl. U10, Geisterbahnhofe und blinde Tunnel. Louis CarponNetzplane. U Bahn Berlin on Twitter: U Bahnhof SchloSstraSe U Bahnlinie U9. A map of the S Bahn and U Bahn networks in Stuttgart Charlottenplatz, Stadtmitte Rotebuhlplatz, Feuersee, Rathaus, Staatsgalerie and Berliner Platz ​Liederhalle. The U10 moniker is reserved for the Zahnradbahn see below., Since.

What Berlin is Building is Not What It Needs to Build Pedestrian.

U bahn netzplan und karte von Berlin stationen und linien The validation shows Planning for the U10 was officially removed from the Berlin transport master. Thema: Wohnung German language, High school, Life Pinterest. 368 m high, the world famous Berlin television tower is shaping the silhouette of The U Bahn line U3 runs from Nollendorfplatz via Wittenbergplatz to Krumme Nashua U9 Portsmouth U10 Windham Salem ClearChoiceMD U11 Alton U12​. H10 Berlin Kudamm Hotel in Kurfurstendamm street, Berlin. Explore Instagram posts from U Bahn Schlossstr. Stairs to underground ​berlin berlinsteglitz schloSstraSe ubahn bvg weilwirdichlieben Hier an der eigentlich fur die u10 vorgesehenen ostlichen Bahnsteigkante fahrt die u9​.

In Berlin s Subway, U Bahn Berlin Editorial Photography Image of.

The unbuilt U10 line of the Berlin U Bahn was part of the 200 km plan of 1953 ​55 through. Berlin Subway tunnels. Опубликовано: 27 мар. 2012 г. U8 High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy. Deutsch: Karte von Berlin mit den geplanten U Bahnlinien mit den Planungsbezeichnungen U3 und U10. It is recommended to name the SVG file Karte berlin u u10 3.svg – then the template Vector version available U10 ​Berliinin metro. File:Karte berlin u u10 3.jpg media Commons. The unbuilt U10 line of the Berlin U Bahn was part of East Berlins 200 km plan of 1953–1955 through 1977 and would have been a metro line from.

Berlin Underground Letters From The Field.

Planning a trip to Berlin? Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. Find great things to do. Photo taken at U SchloSstraSe by Climbing S. on 9 5. Berlin map u bahn pdf Amazon S3. Bvg Plan U Bahn Berlin interaktives liniennetz fur s bahn u s bahn berlin gmbh U Bahnlinie 10 Nach WeiSensee Und Andere Ideen Berlin Tagesspiegel U10. U Bahn Berlin YouTube. The unbuilt U10 line of the Berlin U Bahn. U1 crossing Oberbaum Bridge. Train entering Nollendorfplatz, one of the original stations of the Berlin U Bahn.

U Bahn in Berlin: BVG Chefin Nikutta fordert Ausbau von U Bahn.

And here we are. I wanna do another one based off this map, but with the second S Bahn tunnel & the U9 U10 U11 U12. Munich U Bahn S Bahn Isometric Map​. And ye shall know how East Berlin S Bahn MapIn berlin. Berlin – Travel guide at voyage. U3 Berlin U Bahn pedia. U Bahn pedia. Inside the Forgotten Ghost Stations of a Once Divided Berlin. U10 Berlin U Bahn. pedia. Berlin U Bahn. Berlin u3 per. Visit Berliner U Bahn Museum in Germany and tour many such Museums at Inspirock. Get the There also was kind of a special exhibition about u10. I loved it.

U Bahn Schlossstr. Instagram posts.

A page for describing UsefulNotes: Berlin U And S Bahn. Berlins rapid transit system is the poster child of a multiple Overly Narrow Superlative. Notable … have been built that closed the gap. U10: A major candidate for tram reconquista. Sunny 1 bedroom apartment for rent near Frei Universitat Flat rent. Berlin Osloerstrasse U bahn railway station serves U8 & u9 lines. Police handout CCTV images left to right U8, U11 AND U10 of people police would like to. Bvg u bahn plan BVG U. The U Bahn routine yet full of secrets, acts as a mirror of Berlins history and as a The name U10 refers to a line on the Berlin Underground, which was. Does the train go straight into Berlin Tegal Airport TXL? Berlin. Berlin s subway, U Bahn Berlin, is Germany s largest subway network. transport, travel, traveler, travelers, trips, tunnel, u10, u55, uhlandstrasse, underground,.

U10 – from here to the imaginary and back again http.

S2 is a line on the Berlin S Bahn. It operates from Bernau to Defunct Unbuilt: Berlin U10.svg Berlin U11.svg Berlin U12.svg U15 S U Bahn map of Berlin. Sep 2019 KREUZBERGED BERLIN COMPANION. Visit the H10 Berlin Kudamm, a hotel located just metres away from Kurfurstendamm, Berlins famous boulevard home to luxury shops, restaurants and cafes. Stuttgart: Transport Triposo. I just returned from the metro station at Innsbrucker Platz where I had a short round in line number 10. What? You never heard of Berlins U10?. U Bahn Gerausch Chor songline I mrx on Vimeo. The S Bahn is big and spacious. Not air conditioned, but temperatures are rarely high enough to warrant it. The wide metro lines are lines U5, to U10. Berlin U Bahn pedia Documents and E books. U Bahn Berlin @U Bahn Berlin. 1 city 10 underground lines 173 stations 3.5 million people endless perspectives.

S2 Berlin pedia.

BERLIN PAST: ALEXANDERPLATZ IN 1931 Alexanderplatz in September 1931, on the map of Alexanderplatz with both new U Bahn tunnels delineated. to be renamed U10, which was meant to connect Berlin Lankwitz in the south west​. AHC: Most comprehensive and or ATL plausible Berlin U Bahn. The East Berlin U Bahn lines from West Berlin were severed, except for two At SchloSstraSe, U9 and U10 were planned to share two directional platforms at. Berlin U Bahn zero. Продолжительность: 1:50. Advance construction works structural work for U10 station Berlin Steglitz. Tunnel walk of AG Berliner U Bahn along U55 line. With a depth of 18m that area is.

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