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The Clemson University Rugby Football Club was founded in 1967. Clemson finished the 2005 Season ranked #14, the 2006 Season ranked #13 in the nation, and the 2007 season #17. Clemsons best season was in 1996 when the team advanced to the quarterfinals of the national playoffs and finished ranked 7th nationally. Rugby is one of the oldest club sports at Clemson University. The team has gone 57-15 in the last three years, with the only losses coming to mens teams and top 20 ranked college rugby teams. There was also an article about Clemson Rugby in the Greenville News in the Spring of 2006.

Justin Hickey served as head coach of the Clemson Rugby in 2011, having previously worked as team leader in the United States under-20 national teams. Hickey resigned as head coach in July 2015. Steve Lynch, a former Glendale raptors, was appointed head coach in late July 2015.


1. Championships. (Чемпионат)

  • Georgia Rugby Union tourney winners: 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.
  • ACRL champion: 2013, 2014.
  • Palmetto Bowl champion vs South Carolina at 2014 ACRC Bowl Series.
  • USA Rugby South champions: 1996, 1998, and 2006.
  • ACRL runner-up: spring 2012, 2013.
  • Huntsville Rugby Tournament champion: 2003.

National Playoffs:

  • Quarterfinals appearances: 1996, 1989, 2013.
  • Quarter Finals appearance in the 2015 Varsity Cup Def Ark State / Loss to Navy.
  • Appearance in the 2015 Collegiate Rugby Championship Sevens Tournament.
  • Automatic Bid to 2016 Collegiate Rugby Championship Sevens Tournament.
  • Round of 16 appearances: 1996 Cornell / Penn State, 1998 Dartmouth / Colorado State, 2005 Army / Penn State, 2006 Navy / UC Santa Barbara and 2007 Navy / Army.

2. History. (История)

In the spring of 1967 four friends, Frank N. Mora III in Puerto Rico, Jeremy pike of Australia, Nick Schoular UK, and Jeff Tyers UK has led efforts to bring the sport of Rugby Clemson University. During the first few years the team struggled for many years of difficulties, like most new teams, working to increase membership, safety matches and develop coaching skills. As time passed, however, the team has improved. In 1971, Rugby Clemson won a significant victory over Yale University in 1970, ivy League Champions who were on a 19-game winning streak. Clemson Rugby soon became a major force in world Rugby.

In the first half of the 1970s, the club was one of the few in the South. As a consequence, this resulted in the team competing against the University of North Carolina, the Charleston Rugby club, B. S., Atlanta Old White & the medical College of Georgia. In a 1973 graduate of Clemson Rugby Jim McMillan helped found the Rugby team at the medical College of Georgia. In 1972, the club took its first international tour to the Bahamas. The club has lost a very tight match in the Rugby club in Freeport due to a very questionable call card in the last minute of the match. Rugby club of Freeport at that time had never lost to team USA.

In November 1980, the team held a Rugby sevens tournament, ACC at Clemson. After a series of challenging matches the team faced the University of Virginia in the final. The match was played in very cold and all the conditions had arisen, however, Clemson won. In the mid 1980-ies the club continued to play in the spring and fall schedules, adding to the list of competing clubs Belmont Abbey, Wake forest, old gray, Johnson city and Citadel. Tur in Florida was taken in the spring of 1985.

In 1989, Clemson Rugby finished 12th in the country with an undefeated record. In 1990-e years were a time of change in Rugby Clemson. Former Clemson player Frank Graziano class of 1977 became the programs First coach in 1991. Graziano instilled the idea of field dominance at the national level. While trainer Grazianos time with the team, Clemson Rugby has won a number of major achievements: Clemsons first plays in the season, Georgia Rugby Champions, first place in the Southeast, and the entrance in the quarterfinals of the National playoffs, where the tigers battled with Penn state after the first round win over Cornell University.

In the 30th Clemson rugbys year and in the same school year, the coach departure Grazianos for the position of Director of the USA Rugby collegiate, the Tigers are still strong. The tigers played well against University teams across the South. A heavy fall has led to a successful spring semester in which Clemson Rugby will again be the center of attention. After defeating each southern team they faced, the Tigers went to the round of 16 national playoffs.

Clemsons best season was 1996 when the team advanced to the quarterfinals of the national College Rugby. Clemson also advanced to the round of 16 National playoffs for three consecutive years from 2005-2007. Clemson has played since 2011 in the League for the Atlantic coast Rugby League against traditional rivals ACC. Clemson was ranked second in its conference in the spring-summer 2012 with the score 6: 1. the record of the conference, missing in Maryland conference title and a place in the national stage of College Rugby. Clemson finished the spring 2013 season with a 6-1 conference record and then defeated South Carolina 29-7 in the round of 16 national playoffs, losing in the quarterfinals to Central Florida 20-24.


3. Team record. (Команда записи)

2005-2006: 14-4 Clemson surpassed their rivals 766-313. 0-2 in national tournament, 35-46 against Navy and 22-32 against Santa Barbara. 2004-2005: 17-8-1 second in the South. 0-2 in national tournament, 18-35 vs. army 26-46 at the University of Pennsylvania. 2003-2004: 20-2 Spring 2001: 3-3 spring 1998: 7-0 defeated Citadel 100-0 and Emory 94-0 in the fall of 1997: 3-3 spring 1997: fall 1996 5-3: 5-5 in the fall of 1995: 6-1-1 spring 1995: 10-0 defeated USC 85-0


4. Records. (Записи)

Clemson went 14-0 in the fall of 2003 for the best winning percentage ever for the autumn season. Clemson has won 19 games in the fall of 2004 for the most ever in the fall season.

Clemson set the team scoring record in 2006 with a victory 118-3 for the University of Florida. Clemsons the previous record was in 1998 when they defeated Citadel 100-0.


5. Foundation and Alumni. (Фонд и выпускников)

Clemson Rugby has grown off the field as well. The tigers made some big steps to improve the organization of Clemson Rugbys. The team created the alumni Fund allows alumni to give back to the club. Annual gathering of graduates at homecoming is a highly anticipated event where former players and fans are placed in several events, including dinner-collegiate Rugby match, otpusknie match against a College team, and after the match, the picnic, which allows the past players to socialize with players and tell old war stories. Foundation the Clemson Rugby helps to increase the support of the Rugby team Clemson. Foundation the Clemson Rugby is a non-profit 501c3 organization, was founded at Clemson Rugbys 40th year. The Foundation has allowed alumni and supporters in a more organized way to support Rugby in Clemson, including the establishment of several scholarships, coaching stipends and other grants.


6. Players. (Игроки)

Clemson has numerous South all-stars u-19 All-stars and GRU All-stars in team history:

  • Clemson had its third Collegiate U20 All-American in 2014 with #8 Jason Damm.
  • Clemson had its second Collegiate All-American in 2008 with Second Row Michael Fitzgerald.
  • Clemson had its first Collegiate All-American in 2005 in Scrumhalf Dutch Jones.
  • Clemsons 8-man Scott Wagemann made the All-Marine Team and the All-Armed Services Team.

A graduate of Clemson have gone on to play in the highest League in the country: Rugby super League in the last few years:

  • Will Phillips plays with the Olympic Club.
  • Tyson Campbell plays with the Philadelphia-Whitemarsh.
  • Jason Hinchman and Dutch Jones play with the Charlotte Rugby Club.


  • Former Clemson player and coach Jim Gaine coached the All-American team in 2004.


7. All-South Selections. (Все-Южный Выбор)

2008 South All-Stars Mike Fitzgerald, Ben "Broadway" Walence 2007 South All-Stars Mike "Irish" Ireson, Mike Fitzgerald, Jeff Clott, Ben "Broadway" Walence 2006 South All-Stars Jason Hinchman, Dutch Jones, Mike Fitzgerald, Robert Bortins, Matt "Wayne" Bassett 2005 South All-Stars Jason Hinchman, Dutch Jones, Michael "Irish" Ireson, Bryan Burton 2004 South All-Stars Jason Hinchman, Dutch Jones, Shawn Hanna, Scott Waggeman, Ryan wolf 2003 South all-Stars anyone 2002 South All-stars no 2001 South all-Stars Phillips and Neil Yanik 2000 South all-stars Phillips, Jonathan Mullikin, and Neil Yanik 1999 South all-stars unknown 1998 South all-Stars Andras bende, Jim gaine, will Phillips 1997 South all-Stars Andras bende, Jim gaine, David merchant, will Phillips


8.1. Previous seasons. Fall season summary 2004. (Осенью итоги сезона 2004)

Dec 03, 2004 XV and first results: record: 8-1-1 points: 378 points against: 115, Aug. 37.8 PF Aug. PA 11.5 Aug. Margin of victory: 26.3 held opponents under 10: 4 times shutouts: 2 times TS scored for 50: 3 times wins Mens club: 2 and 1 tie D1 Collegiate victories: 2 defeats: 1 championship Tournament: 1st FCU choice: 12


8.2. Previous seasons. 2003-2004 season summary. (2003-2004 итоги сезона)

The team finished with a record of 20-2 for the season, the best result in team history. Beating their opponents 819-245 in 22 games, the Tigers average 26-point victory. While recording five shutouts, their biggest wins came over Georgia and Florida 85-0 72-5. The team won two tournaments and nine games where the tigers held their opponents to ten points. Two losses came in the playoffs to the University of North Carolina and the University of Tennessee, and CURFC will have to wait another year to make it to the sweet 16. Clemson Rugby and went to Louisiana on their first fall break tour since 1995 and returned undefeated against LSU and Tulane.

Clemson has been successful, partly due to their involvement and attitude to the sport. "We have gone from the idea that students will go if they are interested". Coach Jim Hein said. "We will do everything possible to market the sport as Avenue for students to continue the competition and become part of the Clemson experience, not just another thing to do after school." The tigers have five players representing South collegiate stars in boulder, Colorado, in June of this year at the National all-star championship.

  • The Clemson Tigers are the athletic teams that represent Clemson University, located in Clemson South Carolina. They compete as a member of the National
  • The Clemson South Carolina rivalry, also called the Carolina Clemson rivalry, is an American collegiate athletic rivalry between the University of South
  • Clemson Memorial Stadium, popularly known as Death Valley is home to the Clemson Tigers, an NCAA Division I FBS football team located in Clemson
  • The Clemson Tigers, known traditionally as the Clemson University Fighting Tigers, represent Clemson University in the sport of American football. The
  • States Army. He founded Clemson University in South Carolina. Born in Philadelphia, Clemson was the son of Thomas Green Clemson III and Elizabeth Baker
  • The Clemson Tigers baseball team represents Clemson University in NCAA Division I college baseball. The team participates in the Atlantic Division of
  • The Clemson Tigers women s basketball team represents Clemson University in women s college basketball competition. The Tigers compete in NCAA Division
  • Mansion and Library, is a National Historic Landmark on the Clemson University campus in Clemson South Carolina. The house is significant as the home from
  • The Campus of Clemson University was originally the site of U.S. Vice President John C. Calhoun s plantation, named Fort Hill. The plantation passed to
  • Columbia Bombshells Rugby Football Club Clemson Rugby USC - Columbia RFC USA Rugby Rugby union in the United States USA Club Rugby Geographical Unions

  • This is a list of notable alumni that have graduated from Clemson University. Harry Ashmore, journalist, received Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in
  • The Clemson University Tiger Band serves as the Marching Band, Color Guard, Tiger Dancers and Tiger Twirlers of Clemson University. The marching band
  • 2009 announcement that rugby sevens would be added to the Olympics. Clemson head coach Justin Hickey believes that this new Rugby 7s Series gives the ACRL
  • Clemson Softball Stadium is a softball park in the southeastern United States, located in Clemson South Carolina. It is primarily used for NCAA and is
  • Clemson Tigers Sports Network CTSN is a subsidiary of Clemson Tigers Sports Properties and is the official media rights holder for Clemson University
  • Clemson Tigers softball will join the Atlantic Coast Conference as a Division I varsity program in 2020. In November 2017, former Stanford coach John
  • Clemson Tigers men s basketball team is a college basketball program that represents Clemson University and competes in the NCAA Division I. Clemson is
  • The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research CU - ICAR is a 250 - acre 1.0 km2 automotive and motorsports research campus in Greenville
  • The Clemson Tigers men s soccer team represent Clemson University in the Atlantic Coast Conference of NCAA Division I soccer. The team has won 14 Atlantic
  • Clemson Area Transit, a zero - fare bus line known locally as CAT or the CAT Bus is the most frequently used transit system in South Carolina. Areas
  • The Graduate School at Clemson University currently offers 110 graduate degree programs in 66 fields of study. Included in this total are 37 doctoral
  • When Lake Moultrie was created in the 1940s, the house was moved to the Clemson University campus in Pickens County. Hanover House was built by Paul de

  • The Clemson Tigers women s soccer team represent Clemson University in the Atlantic Coast Conference of NCAA Division I soccer. The team has won 1 Atlantic
  • Recreation Center, originally known as Clemson Field House, is an on - campus recreation facility at Clemson University in Clemson South Carolina. It houses several
  • the living quarters for each President at Clemson University. It has been the home to eight different Clemson Presidents and serves as a key location on
  • The Clemson University Historic District I is a collection of historic properties on the campus of Clemson University in Clemson South Carolina. The district
  • The Clemson University Historic District II is a collection of historic properties on the campus of Clemson University in Clemson South Carolina. The
  • The Clemson Tigers women s tennis team represents Clemson University in NCAA Division I college tennis. The Tigers are members of the Atlantic Coast Conference
  • College rugby more specifically rugby union, is played throughout universities in the United States of America. College rugby is governed by USA Rugby and
  • The Tiger is the student newspaper at Clemson University in Clemson South Carolina. It was first produced on January 21, 1907, and as of 2015 is publishing

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The secret to Clemsons flawless team culture? Rugby A World Cup champion coach sat in Dabo Swinneys office a few years back, and. Clemson Rugby Archives - Rugby Wrap Up. Furman Rugby Coach John Roberts announced today that Clemson Rugby Coach Steve Lynch will join the coaching staff for the 2016 Furman. Tigertown Graphics. Mens Rugby History vs Clemson University from Sep 22, 2018 Feb 29, 2020. Last Matchup. Feb. 29.2020. 15. Queens University of Charlotte. at. Clemson. Come support Clemson Rugby Tonight! Clemson Reddit. Prior to joining the University of Notre Dame, Coach Hickey served five years as head coach of the Clemson University Rugby Program. Hickey has also served. Clemson Rugby Foundation Overview, News & Competitors. Premiering Tuesday: Clemson grad, LGBTQ veteran featured in Tracey Cooper​ Harris was wearing her Clemson Rugby hoodie when she. William Phillips Ravenel Commercial Properties. Опубликовано: 13 окт. 2019 г.

Penn Mutual Varsity Cup Quarterfinal at Clemson Pac 12.

Assistant Coach & The Voice of Clemson Rugby Jimmy Rippert Captain: Ryan Gilroy Senior, Rockville, MD President: Anthony Ferraro Junior, Stratford, CT. Noah Webster HUTCHENS LAW FIRM. CLEMSON RUGBY FOUNDATION INC PO BOX 869, CENTRAL, SC 29630. Total Revenue. $88.802. Total Expenses. $78.969. Net Assets. $21.338. From rugby, to walk on, to defensive end, its been a wild journey for. Clemson Rugby. Rugby TV and Pod: College Rugby Report: D1A Rugby Getting Tense. Highlights, Stars, Previews. November 8 Worlds Best Rugby Pub!. Clemson Goff Rugby Report. Regan Upshaw saw all of the hard work he has put in over the last five years at Clemson finally start to pay off in the top ranked Tigers win at. Clemson Rugby Golf Shirt – Two Feet Ahead. The official 2019 20 Mens Rugby schedule for the Davenport University Non ​Varsity Panthers. Saturday, Nov 9. 1 p.m. Clemson, SC. Clemson University. 29.

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Overview Organizations performing similar types of work. Organization representatives add corrected or new information about Clemson Rugby Foundation. Carolina Rugby Official Home of South Carolina Rugby. Furman Rugby Coach John Roberts announced today that Clemson Rugby Coach Steve Lynch will join the coaching staff for the 2016 Furman Следующая Войти Настройки Конфиденциальность Условия. Clemson coach joins 2016 Furman Rugby Camp Furman News. Clemson Players. Clemson Rugby had its first Collegiate All American in 2005 in Scrumhalf Dutch Jones. Clemsons 8. Clemson Rugby pedia. CAT Bus Service To & From Campus 2 Sand Volleyball Courts Regulation Basketball Court Fire Pit 20 Acres Of Walking Trails Dog Park Clemson Rugby. 10 Best Clemson Rugby images clemson, rugby, clemson. International Sports Day events, on the rugby field behind the Jervey Athletic Center from a.m. 5 p.m., will feature student teams competing.

50 years of Clemson rugby Clemson World Magazine.

Продолжительность: 2:59. Clemson celebrates history with weekend of events News. 5 Life avenges their previous weekends defeat against 2 Lindenwood knocking them from the second best ranked spot 3 Arkansas State takes care of​. Clemson Rugby Foundation Inc Non Profit Data. Clemson University Rugby. 2.9K likes. Official fan page for Clemson University Rugby. Your source of information about games and social events featuring. Clemson Rugby Foundation in Clemson, South Carolina SC. A State jumped to third this week in the D1A rankings after knocking off 1 Life University a week ago. Clemson is ranked 23 26 by Goff Rugby Report. Clemson Rugby Gift Time Rugby Network. JONESBORO – Arkansas State Universitys rugby team got back on the winning track in a big way by defeating Clemson University, 57 21,.

Justin Hickey ROSTER Staff Rugby University of Notre Dame.

Clemson Mens Rugby is entering a new and exciting era! Troy Hall joins Clemson as the head coach having previously been the head coach. Clemson Rugby @ClemsonRugby Twitter. Recently, I sat down and had a great chat about all things rugby & life with Ethan, Beckett & CJ from Clemson Rugby!. The secret to Clemsons flawless team culture? Rugby 247 Sports. Austin Elite Rugby added former Clemson Rugby captain and No. 8, Dylan Goulding for the inaugural 2018 Major League Rugby season. Lander Mens Rugby Highlights vs. Clemson YouTube. The latest Tweets from Clemson Rugby @ClemsonRugby. The Official Twitter account for the Clemson University Rugby team. News, scores and more.

Lindenwood Shuts Out Scrappy Clemson FloRugby.

Опубликовано: 2 окт. 2017 г. 2019 20 Mens Rugby Schedule Davenport University Non Varsity. Support the Clemson Rugby Foundation Today! Donation Amount. $25. $50. $100. $250. $500. $. Donation Frequency. One time, Monthly. Ending Optional. Clemson Rugby Sport Tee Tiger Sports Shop. Furman Rugby Coach John Roberts announced today that Clemson Rugby Coach Steve Lynch will join the coaching staff for the 2016 Furman Следующая Войти. Participating Teams – RUGBY BARBADOS WORLD 7s. Mens Rugby History vs Clemson University from Feb 16, 2019 Feb 15, 2020. Last Matchup. Feb. 15.2020. 62. Lindenwood University. at. Clemson University.

Student Housing Amenities The Pier at Clemson.

Out of the 34 club sports at Clemson University, it can easily be said that womens rugby hits the hardest. CLEMSON RUGBY GOLF SHIRT 000244 – The Carousel Kids. For Tiger Fans. By Tiger fans. Established in 1988, we are your source for Clemson t shirts and apparel, custom t shirts, promotional items, and embroidery​. Clemson rugby manages transition, eyeing titles. Sorry if this is against the rules of the sub. Hey everyone! Im a part of the Clemson Rugby team, and we really are trying to get a solid showing …. College Program Highlight – Clemson University The Ruggers Edge. Webster attended Clemson University. While in undergraduate studies, he played on the Clemson Rugby Team, worked as undergraduate researcher for the U.S.

Clemson rugby manages transition, eyeing titles USA Today.

Lander knocks off Clemson in rugby. The Lander mens rugby team continued its winning ways Friday night with a 35 15 win over Clemson at. Clemson University Rugby Home Facebook. Clemson Rugby Foundation: The future of rugby starts here! When you give to the Clemson Rugby Foundation, you support the growth and positive impact of. Clemson Rugby celebrates its 50th anniversary on campus. Kennesaw and a Masters in Athletic Leadership from Clemson in addition to completing his undergraduate degree from Clemson, where he played Rugby.

Clemson Rugby Foundation.

A nice shirt for your little Clemson fan. Rugby style golf shirt with an embroidered Tiger Paw over bold orange and white rugby stripes!100% CottonShort. Clemson Rugby Stripped of Home Turf Tiger Boards Archive. Продолжительность: 1:14. Clemson University URugby College Rugby and High School. Product Type Clemson. Rugby never goes out of style! Our best selling rugby golf shirt is made out of premium combed cotton fabric and has a separately knit. Clemson – D1A Rugby. CHESTER, PA 6 1 2019 – The Temple Owls completed pool play on Saturday at the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championships at Talen Energy Stadium. الجملة على الانترنت بيع بالجملة الأساليب الكلاسيكية clemson rugby. The Clemson Rugby Foundation was founded in 2007 by dedicated alumni of the Clemson University Rugby Football Club. The Foundations vision is to ensure.

Rugby Club Clemson.

That rugby season is at the same time of year the band is practicing for football. Otherwise, this area is effectively unused real estate. If rugby season fell after. Lander downs Clemson in mens rugby Sports in. On this episode of This Week in College Rugby, we got to do a quick preview of the Clemson Rugby and Davenport Rugby teams, as we prepare for the start of.

Clemson grad, Iraq War veteran to be featured in documentary.

No team on Clemson Universitys campus has undergone as much transition as the schools rugby club in recent years. The Tigers host Cal. Clemson Rugby Foundation Support Rugby at Clemson!. Glendale Rugby Football Club GRFC has officially announced a groundbreaking partnership with Clemson Rugby Club and the Clemson. LSU Rugby vs Clemson Rugby Highlight YouTube. Clemson Womens Rugby. Mason Dixon USA Rugby Division 1 Womens Collegiate Conference Committed to the pursuit of excellence, both on and off the.

Andys Race: Clemson Rugby Foundation.

About. Founded in 1967, the Clemson University rugby team has a rich history of success in intercollegiate competition. With strong performances throughout the. Austin Elite Rugby and Clemson Rugby No.8 Dylan Goulding. Troy Hall Charleston, South Carolina Area Co Founder at Hall Wellness & Sports Consultants Clemson Tigers Rugby CRF HP Consultant The Athlete.

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