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The U7 is a rail line on the Berlin U-Bahn. It runs completely underground for a length of 31.8 kilometres, through 40 stations, and connects Spandau, via Neukolln, to Gropiusstadt and Rudow. The line was originally the south-eastern branch of the Nord-Sud-Bahn that ran between the branching point at Belle-Alliance-StraSe and Grenzallee, however, in the 1960s, this stretch was separated from the rest of the line and extended at each end to form a new line. As of 2007, the U7 is Berlins longest underground line, both in terms of absolute length and total travel time and one of the longest subterranean lines in Europe.


1. Route. (Маршрут)

Since Rudow, at the junction of the gross-Ziethener highway and Neukollner StraSe, line U7 runs North-West below the road ALT-Rudow, bearing to the West under the basic principles. Because of calculated and underground construction were planned simultaneously, the u7 follows no roads until you reach the Britz-süd station, where it runs under Fritz-Reuter-Allee as far as Blaschkoallee before joining the route Buschkrugallee. It continues North, crossing the urban motorway and the Ringbahn while under Karl-Marx-StraSe, then heads Northwest under cafes, Sudstern and GneisenaustraSe until Breakfast after a very sharp right turn. Hard left turn brings the u7 under the Tempelhofer Ufer English: Tempelhof water Mockernbrucke station, with another taking it back and below in the area of the former Soviet Anhalter Guterbahnhof English: station Anhalter goods. The route continues to the West under YorckstraSe, Willmanndamm, GrunewaldstraSe, the Bayerischer Platz and Berliner StraSe, then headed North under Brandenburgische StraSe for Adenauerplatz.

The curve on the StraSe u7 Wilmersdorfer takes North to BismarckstraSe where it makes a further turn into Richard-Wagner-StraSe, travelling on this road, and its Northern continuation WintersteinstraSe and SommeringstraSe. At the station there, to u7 crosses the Ringbahn second time, before passing under Westhafenkanal. The track then turns West in a wide arc and should Siemensdamm and Nonnendammallee. It passes to the South of the Spandau Citadel down the road I am Juliusturm, runs under the Old town of Spandau, and ends at the Spandau city Hall.

In the u7 passes through 12 districts of Berlin: Rudow, the basic principles of Britz, neukölln, Berlin, schöneberg, Berlin, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg-Nord, Siemensstadt, Haselhorst and Spandau.


2.1. History. Construction of the North-South Underground: 1901-1930. (Строительство Север-Юг метро: 1901-1930)

Around 1901, the city of Berlin planned to build an underground railway line below FriedrichstraSe to connect the North to the South. Werner von Siemens also had plans from the North to the South line, under NobelstraSe, at the same time, but they were rejected on the grounds that public transport should be in municipal ownership. Consequently, Berlin started the construction of the Nord–Sud railway railroad North–South to link wedding and Tempelhof in 2007, part of the U6 line, with a branch to Neukölln.

The first world war made the construction work difficult, and finally stopped it completely. In 1919, work started again, but not without further complications. In 1921, during the time of hyperinflation, filling existing tunnels is considered as the financial crisis hit. The construction work continued, however, and the first section of the tunnel from Hallesches Tor to Stettiner Bahnhof later renamed the Riga Motor Museum was opened on 30 January 1923.

The history of the u7 began with the construction of the branch to Neukölln, when the stretch from Hallesches Tor to GneisenaustraSe was built it opened April 9, 1924. With inflation still affects the construction work continued only in small steps. The extension to the station cafe, named after the nearby Park and later renamed Sudstern, and on 14 December of the same year. As the financial position of Germany and Berlin has improved, as well as underground railway construction, including a branch in Neukölln.

At Hermannplatz station resembles something out of the subway, the Cathedral, the first underground rail–rail crossing in Berlin was developed, transfer to N ban later U8 was intended at this station. The station is also the first Berlin subway to use the escalators. The area from cafes to BergstraSe later Karl-Marx-StraSe was put into operation on 11 April 1926. The final stage of the Neukollner branch at that time, 1.5 km 0.9 Mi extension to grenzallee u-Bahn, was put into operation on 21 December 1930 - the opening day of what would become the U5 line during one of the largest underground opening celebrations. Then the subway passengers could travel from SeestraSe Y6, through the city centre or Tempelhof or grenzallee u-Bahn.

Postwar subway line was isolated from 1901 to 1914 of their predecessors in their larger tunnels and trains, in order to ensure greater competition in the private Berliner Hochbahngesellschaft English: Berlin elevated railway company. New trains and tunnels, which were wider, but use the same standard gauge, was described as GroSprofil English: a great profile.


2.2. History. Connection to Rudow. (Подключение к рудового)

After the Second world war, where many of Berlins residence was destroyed - needed big new buildings. The Britz and Britz-Buckow-Rudow, BBR, later renamed basic principles that were established in the southern part of West Berlin, required a new high-speed railway in West Berlin, city centre, construction work on the station began on 2 November 1959.

The track from grenzallee u-Bahn in Britz-süd underground station opened on 28 September 1963.

Construction began from Britz-süd underground station in Rudow on January 2, 1965. Travel to Zwickauer Damm was possible on 2 January 1970, and Rudov got a connection to the line 7 on 1 July 1972.


2.3. History. Extension to the west. (Расширение на Запад)

The branch station Belle-Alliance-StraSe later renamed included Breakfast, which was opened in 1924, had three tracks: a connection to Tempelhof led from the first platform to Neukölln from the second, and to the city centre from the third. There was a branch of the Neukollner from the line of the North-South decided to avoid overload on the transfer station Hallesches Tor. Therefore, line 7 was extended West from Belle-Alliance-StraSe. Construction work began in mid-1962, and was completed on 26 February 1966 with the link to Mockernbrucke station. Near Mockernbrucke subway construction, change of station, includes Breakfast - which will become an interchange between unbranched lines - was required.

A further extension of line 7 was completed at the expense of subsidies. The construction of the highway from Mockernbrucke on Fehrbelliner Platz, which began on 1 July 1962 and ended on 29 January 1971.


2.4. History. In three stages to Spandau: 1960-1984. (В три этапа в Шпандау: 1960-1984)

In the late 1960-ies, ideas about the underground railroad in Spandau arose again. The planned extension to line 7 Mierendorffplatz such, and Nonnendammallee was chosen to improve public transport in Siemensstadt - important for many jobs. Already at that time there were plans of construction of the subway in Spandau. The first steps were taken with the extension of line U2 Ruhleben today. End Ruhleben is located directly on the border of the district Spandau. Supply and distribution of traffic until 1967, by tram, to replace a few bus lines, are provided solely for the development of Spandau at the subway station Ruhleben.

Construction of the section Fehrbelliner Platz–Richard-Wagner-Platz began in 1969, which h-West second. By 1970, then, a short and less frequented metro lines of Berlin, then line 5, between the Deutsche Oper and Richard Wagner Platz. Their way was now closed to passenger traffic, and it was a new station built a few meters below the old. The other tunnels can be converted to the operating section, which is, thus, a second line of communication between small and large profile after Waisentunnel at the station Alexanderplatz. The route continues along StraSe Brandenburgische and crosses the Kurfurstendamm in Adenauerplatz, where was also built the railway station. It was already established as a crossing, because he is still officially plan to extend the line underground line U1 from UhlandstraSe in the subway adenauerplatz. After that, the track swings under the Wilmersdorfer StraSe and passes under the railway for a few yards.

Adenauerplatz underground was designed as a transfer station to accommodate the planned accession to UhlandstraSe. The Wilmersdorfer StraSe was built with a pedestrian crossing to the s-Bahn station Charlottenburg. In BismarckstraSe, a new metro station had to be built, because the existing tunnel of line 1, later renamed U2 was in poor condition and requires extensive repairs. After BismarckstraSe, 23 houses had to be supported, so the shield drive was used for tunnelling this section. The stage from Fehrbelliner Platz to Richard-Wagner-Platz was put into operation on 28 April 1978.

Excavation and construction of the motorway began in Charlottenburg-Nord on July 3, 1967, which is located in Siemensstadt. Construction began in section Rohrdamm since 1973. Construction work on the next section in the direction of Spandau began in 1973. The route leads North from the station Richard-Wagner-Platz and then under SommeringstraSe. Halfway to the subway station Mierendorffplatz, partying is underpassed. Here one chose a method of construction of the caisson. After a few meters, the station should Mierendorffplatz. In the North this makes the route in a wide arc to reach existing train stations and such. Here, similar to SchloSstraSe station platform was built on two levels. Other tracks are kept to date for the possible extension of the line today V5. This is the news from station Lehrter through TurmstraSe such as Tegel airport. However, this plan was canceled because of the budget situation, the more elongation to the North of the station such due to the planned closure of Tegel airport. Trams to replace its subway line. The finished extension is currently used for fire training and are no longer viable for any future lines. The extension to Rohrdamm after 1 October 1980, providing the district of Spandau with its first underground connection.

The cost of the extension to the town centre of Spandau rose to unexpected heights: it consumed 680 million German marks in the result, you need to undercut the Havel and moorland in the surrounding area. Construction began July 4, 1977. Studied several options. So there were considerations to the subway through the center of the village Haselhorster. The downside was that Havel should be undercut at one of its widest points. The other option was that the metro will cross the existing Spandau suburban trains s-Bahn and metro will drive South to the city hall of Spandau. This plan kristallizuetsya very late in the 200-mile plan had envisaged to conduct u7 on Falkenseer Platz in Falkenhagener feld. As a result, the disadvantage that in the Spandau Old town could not be linked, which was the actual purpose of the extension. Finally, they decided on the option of continuing the route along the street Nonnendammallee or am Juliusturm, South by Spandau Citadel, and then directly to the Old town and the town hall of Spandau. The development of the field Falkenhagener must now be taken to the extension of the small route profile of the line U2 to Ruhleben. On 1 October 1984, the last section of u7 from Rohrdamm to Rathaus Spandau was opened, with the then Federal Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, in attendance.


3. Future plans. (Планы на будущее)

In 2014, the government of Berlin published by the Berlin underground plan in 2014, of which the long-delayed Northern continuation of u7 in stake is expected to begin construction in 2021 and be completed in 2025. The southern extension from Rudow to Berlin Brandenburg airport through Neuhofer StraSe, from Berger StraSe, schönefeld, already postponed, is expected patronage was not high enough to justify such an extension. However, in light of ballot measure aimed at preserving Tegel airport opened after the opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg international airport by the governing mayor Michael müller proposed to extend the u7 in the direction of schönefeld and / or construction of a new airport, which was greeted with enthusiasm by local politicians in schönefeld and Berlin, district neukölln.


4. Line colour and name. (Цвет линии и название)

In 1966, branched lines with the purple color of the card. After he was separated from the rest of the line and line names were changed from letters to numbers, this route was called the "line 7" English: line 7, and was presented to the gray line. After 1978, however, it was changed to bright blue, because it is more easy to distinguish on the map. Since 1984, when all the subway lines received a "u" prefix, it was called "u7". Signage station uses Helvetica font, which is widely used in subway systems around the world.


5. In popular culture. (В популярной культуре)

In March 2009, TML-studios world of subways volume. 2: u7 - Berlin for Windows, which gives players the opportunity to operate a train on the U7 line in either ф90 or H01 rolling stock.

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  • Wilmersdorfer StraSe is a Berlin U - Bahn station located on the U 7 The station is on Wilmersdorfers StraSe, which is a big street full of shops like Karstadt
  • The rolling stock on the Berlin U - Bahn are the main types of cars for the underground railway subway They are split into two general categories: Kleinprofil
  • Tor U1 U2 U7 U8 and U3 U6 Hauptbahnhof U 1 U 2 U7 U 8, U 4 U 5, and S - Bahn and Odeonsplatz U 3 U 6 and U 4 U 5 and will shorten the travel time between
  • U 3 is a line on the Berlin U - Bahn created in its current version on 7 May 2018. The routing is largely the same as the previous U 2 until 1993, but it
  • Rathaus Spandau Spandau Town Hall is one of the western termini of Berlin U - Bahn line U7 the other one being Rudow It was opened on 1 October 1984 with

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U7 Sudstern U Bahn Berlin YouTube.

Опубликовано: 20 окт. 2013 г. Wilmersdorfer StraSe Line U7 Berlin U Bahn BVG H YouTube. Why shop at. Secure Payment Trusted Shop, Certified Retailer 2 year warranty. Item no.: 1341267 EAN: 4015918134033. Mehringdamm Berlin U Bahn. Mehringdamm is a Berlin U Bahn station located on the U6 and the U7. Opened in 1924 as Belle Alliance Strasse it was built by Grenander and later renovated. Berlin U Bahn Updated 2017 Metro Map, Lines, Hours and Tickets. Name, U7: U Rudow S U Rathaus Spandau. network, Verkehrsverbund Berlin​ Brandenburg. network:metro, u bahn. network:short, VBB. operator, Berliner.

Light grey blue paint dulux.

Planning a trip to Berlin? Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. Find great things to do. Photo taken at U7 Rathaus Spandau Rudow by Chris S. From grotesque to quirky: a history of Berlin told through U Bahn. The U7 is a rail line on the Berlin U Bahn. It runs completely underground for a length of 31.8 kilometres through 40 stations and connects Spandau, via Neukolln, to Gropiusstadt and Rudow. U7 Berlin U Bahn pedia. Berliner U Bahn Linien book. Read reviews from worlds largest community for readers. U Bahn U7 metro extension to Berlin Brandenburg Airport feasible. Line U7 light blue The U7 is the longest underground line in Berlin, measuring 30 km with 40 stops. It runs from the northeast Rathaus Spandau to the. Template:U7 Berlin U Bahn pedia. Picture of Eisenacher Strasse Ubahn station U7 Berlin stock photo, images and stock photography. Image 92750527.

2020 By Bus and U Bahn Train to Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER.

English: The U Bahnstation Zitadelle, line U7, in Berlin, Germany. Deutsch: Der Berliner U Bahnhof Zitadelle, Linie U7, Deutschland. Date, 4 October 2004. Rathaus Spandau U7 Berlin U Bahn ACC84 Metro & Trains. Munich U Bahn lines U1U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6 U7 U8U8 Amtrak Track a transport We will be traveling from Bonn Main Station to Berlin Main Station. Berlin, Germany U Bahn. U7 U bahn line. 10 years ago. Save. Hi there. I had heard that this line was to extend out to Schonefeld airport is that right or do you still have to get the bus​.

Reichstag building to Kleistpark Berlin U Bahn 5 ways to travel.

I love, love, love the U7 line on Berlins U Bahn system. These old East German station designs appeal to my abstract geometric aesthetic completely! I spent a. Berlin Metro U Bahn Lines, schedule and fares. Download this stock image: U Bahnhof Altstadt Spandau 2BN9J02 from Alamys Der zur Berliner U Bahn Linie U7 gehorende U Bahnhof Altstadt Spandau.

Europa, Deutschland, Berlin, Wilmersdorf, U Bahnhof Fehrbelliner.

People also search for. World of Subways Vol. 2 U Bahn Simulator U7 Berlin Richtung. In 1966, the BVG the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe Gesellschaft, West Berlins transit authority re designated all the U Bahn lines, replacing the.

U7 Rathaus Spandau Rudow Now Closed Berlin, Berlin.

U7 Berliner U Bahn. Eric Willard. Follow Following Unfollow. Image may contain: yellow, abstract and orange. Add to Moodboard. Marktoberdorf to munich Pageant Vote. Since it opened in 1902, Berlins U Bahn – Untergrundbahn or underground train Rainer G. Rummlers U7 stations built in the 1960s and 1970s dazzle their. U Bahn U7, Berlin. The U7 line opened in 1924 and passes through 12 of Berlins districts. This line is Berlins longest underground line and one of the longest subterranean lines in​.

Europa, Deutschland, Berlin, Neukolln, U Bahnhof Neukolln, U.

Search for the right New Appointment doctor in Berlin, MD. Travelling via public transport: U Bahn: U7, station Adenauerplatz S Bahn: S3, S5, S7, S7, S41, 42,. Hot Price U Bahn Simulator 2 U7 Berlin PC USK ratings: 0 Conrad. The Berlin U Bahn station Hermannplatz, Linie U7. illustration. jkb. U Bahn Herrmannplatz Berlin, Direktzugang zum Kaufhaus. Live cam munich train station. Berlins first ever U Bahn Bar Map. By Giulia Pines Fehrbelliner Platz Parkcafe Berlin U7. Jungfernheide None Mierendorffplatz Cafe Z.

File:U Bahn Berlin U7 Zitadelle 2.JPG media Commons.

The Berlin Transport Authority BVG has released a comical video letting passengers know that they dont mind passengers being weird on the. Get to know Berlins U bahn architecture The Spaces. However, U Bahn station Rudow on line U7 is a mere 12 minute bus ride from Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER and a very good option for.

U7 U Bahn Line, Berlin – OTTAVIO SELLITTI.

Опубликовано: 2 сент. 2019 г. Berlin adds subway stations to protected list DW Travel DW. U7 Hermannplatz x Tile Tales A textile designers reflection of Berlins colourful U ​Bahn stations. Using hand drawn watercolour motifs combined with digital.

Hermannplatz subway station, Berlin.

Relates to Berlin Preserves Its Trippy 1980s Subway Stations. Rohrdamm U Bahn Station. Ingolf Flickr. At the Zitadelle U Bahn stop, meanwhile,. Berlin u bahn - Map of Berlin. IN TOTAL AND GET FREE METRO DEIVERIES. r. U8 line of the Berlin U Bahn: RAL 5011: Steel blue: RAL 5012: Light blue: U7 line of the Berlin U Bahn: RAL. Berliner U Bahn Linien: U7: Quer durch den Westen by Alexander. Продолжительность: 2:49.

Berlin, Germany Wheelchair Accessible Public Transportation.

Magnet U Bahnhof Mierendorffplatz U7 Berlin Charlottenburg. No expedia Berlin U Bahnhof Mierendorffplatz Linie U7 Ingolf Flickr photograph. VBB Info U Bahn on Twitter: U7 U Rudow hat 5 Minuten. Germanys Berlin and Brandenburg state governments reportedly commissioned a feasibility study concluding that the U7 U Bahn metro. U7 Berlin U Bahn German U Bahn Fandom. Dan takes a U Bahn ride to Berlins landmark stations. from A to Z. But take the U7 line from Adenauerplatz to Zitadelle Spandau and youll. The Many Faces of the U7 – Berlin Typography. How to get from Reichstag building to Kleistpark Berlin U Bahn by bus, train, taxi or foot S1 U7 23 min. Take the train from S U Brandenburger Tor to S U​.

U7 Berlin U Bahn Summarized by Content.

Rapid transit line in Berlin, Germany. Berlin U Bahnhof Eisenacher StraSe Linie U7 6385133767.jpg 3.000 × 4.000 5.4 MB. 0 references. country. U bahn Hermannplatz U7 Berlin graphic watercolour poster Etsy. Template:U7 Berlin U Bahn. From pedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. hide. Berlin U7. Legend. Karl Marx StraSe U7 U Bahn Berlin BVG H F84 YouTube. Buy Berlin U Bahn Memories Berliner Strasse U7 Art Print by ubahnmemories. Worldwide shipping available at Society6.com. Just one of millions of high. Eisenacher Strasse Ubahn Station U7 Berlin Stock Photo, Picture. The U7 is a rail line on the Berlin U Bahn. It runs completely underground for a length of 31.8 kilometres 19.8 mi through 40 stations and connects Spandau,.

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