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Nimar is the southwestern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh in the West-Central part of India.This region also has sub-regions, as nimad, khandya, bhuwana.

This region is located South of the Vindhya mountains, and consists of two parts, the Narmada and Tapti river valleys, separated part of the Satpura range, about 15 miles 24 km wide. On the highest peak, about 800 feet 244 meters above the plain and 1800 ft 549 m above sea level, stands the fortress of Asirgarh, commanding a pass which for centuries was the chief highway between upper India and the Deccan.

In Nimar region is home to the Nimadi language, which is related to the Malvi language of Malwa as well as other Rajasthani language.

Nimar formed district of British India, in the Nerbudda division of the Central provinces. The administrative headquarters was in Khandwa, but the capital in the Muslim times was Burhanpur. Square, 4273 11.067 MI2 km2, Population 1901 329.615. The main crops of cotton and millet, Ganja or Indian hemp was also allowed to be grown under government control. The great Indian Peninsula railway ran through the district, and a branch of the Rajputana line from Indore joined it at Khandwa. There were factories for cleaning and pressing cotton at Khandwa, and manufacture of gold-embroidered cloth at Burhanpur. The district contained extensive forests, and the government preserved a section known is the Punasa forest, which extended for about 120 miles 190 km along the South Bank of the Narmada, home to forests of TEAK Tectona Grandis Terminalia tomentosa Sain for and anjan Hardwickia Binata tree.

Nimar was also a district in the Principality of Indore lying West of the British district on both banks of the Narmada. Area, 3871 10.026 mile2 km2, pop. 1901 257.110. Since 1823 this tract, then belonging to Sindhia rulers of Gwalior, was under British control in 1861 he was transferred in full sovereignty to the British, but in 1867 it passed with such rulers of Indore as the result of territorial exchange.

After Indian independence in 1947, the former British district became the Nimar district of the new state of Madhya Pradesh, with its administrative seat at Khandwa, in Nimar district of Indore state became the Nimar district of the state of Madhya Bharat, with its administrative seat at Khargone. When Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh on 1 November 1956, the former Madhya Bharat district became West Nimar district, the Eastern district became East Nimar district. West Nimar district was split into the districts of Barwani and Khargone on may 24, 1998, as well as East Nimar district was split into the districts of Khandwa and Burhanpur on August 15, 2003.


1. Cities Nimar. (Нимар Городах)

  • Rajpur. (Раджпуре)
  • Niwali.
  • Chetii. (Четии)
  • Barwani. (Барвани)
  • Pandhana.
  • Pansemal.
  • Andrade. (Андраде)
  • Kukshi. (Кукши)
  • Burhanpur. (Бурханпур)
  • Khandwa. (Кхандва)
  • Mundi. (Мунди)
  • Khargone.
  • Palsud the contest. (Palsud по итогам конкурса конкурса)
  • Beria. (Берия)
  • Pati. (Пати)
  • Barwaha.
  • Maheshwar. (Махешвар)
  • Sendhwa. (Сендхва)
  • Harsud.
  • Mandhata. (Мандхата)
  • Kenud.
  • Sanawad. (Санавад)

2. Policies Nimar. (Политики Нимар)

  • Tantia Bhīl - the leader of the tribe, who actively fought against the British rule between 1878 and 1889.
  • Arun Yadav. (Арун Шахова)
  • Bala Bachchan. (Бала Баччан)
  • Vijaylaxmi sadho. (Виджаялакшми sadho)
  • Dhursingh Khedkar.
  • Nandkumar Singh Chauhan. (Nandkumar Сингх Чаухан)
  • this region: Nimar District, Indore State - 1947 Nimar District, Madhya Bharat - 1956 - 11 - 01 West Nimar District - Khargone District Nimar District, Central
  • The Khandwa district, formerly known as the East Nimar district, is a district of the Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The city of Khandwa is the
  • Nimar Kheri railway station is a small railway station in Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh. Its code is NKR. It serves Nimar Kheri town. The station consists
  • district, formerly known as West Nimar district, is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The district lies in Nimar region, and is part of Indore
  • of Nimar Nimar region is split into East Nimar and West Nimar Nimar in local terms, means area beyond Neem Trees Barwani lies in West Nimar The
  • Dewas, Dhar, Gwalior, Hoshangabad, Mandsaur, Morena, Burahanpur, Nimar East Nimar West, Shivpuri, Sehore and Ujjain. For the eastern part of Madhya
  • nigam in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Khandwa District, formerly known as East Nimar District. Khandwa
  • Population - Khandwa East Nimar Madhya Pradesh Census India. Retrieved 19 January 2018. Chhanera Town Population - Khandwa East Nimar Madhya Pradesh
  • India. Khargone was formerly known as West Nimar A part of the Indore Division lying on the region of Nimar The District headquarters is located in the

  • town in the Khandwa district of Nimar region the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.It is situated in North Side of East Nimar District. Mundi is an ancient
  • Sheikh Abdullah Nimar Darwish 1948 14 May 2017 was the founder of the Islamic Movement in Israel. Darwish was born Kafr Qasim in 1948. After completing
  • Singh Badal Badaliya - Panwar founded Kenud Village around 1500 AD. The Nimar Region earlier a part of Khandesh was ruled by many emperors from many
  • administrative headquarters of the Khargone district formerly known as West Nimar Several major administrative offices of the Khargone District, including
  • mirchi, gold and silver, and ready made garments. Kukshi is a part of the Nimar Nemar region of Madhya Pradesh. It is 350 km from Bhopal and 170 km from
  • following districts: Narsinghpur Hoshangabad Nimar present - day Khandwa East Nimar and Khargone West Nimar Betul Chhindwara Makrai State was the only
  • Dewas, Dhar, Gwalior, Hoshangabad, Mandsaur, Morena, Burahanpur, Nimar East Nimar West, Shivpuri, Sehore and Ujjain List of Monuments of National Importance
  • Mundi Area has a population 1 lakh 2011 census Mundi Area lies in the Nimar region, which includes the lower valley of the Narmada River, Kherkhali
  • also Romanized as Nīyar, Nayyer, Neyar, and Neyer also known as Nīāz and Nīmār is a village in Gavrud Rural District, Muchesh District, Kamyaran County
  • region of India. It is closely related to Nimadi, which is spoken in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh. The dialects of Malvi are Ujjaini Ujjain, Indore
  • chair of the Arab Students Committee. Whilst at university he met Abdullah Nimar Darwish, the founder of the Islamic Movement. He also studied political
  • Nimari or Nimadi may refer to: something from the Nimar region in Madhya Pradesh, India Nimadi language Nimari cattle, a breed of cattle Nimari, Bhiwani
  • Bolivia Baharije Formation, Egypt Ahlen and Buckeberg Formations, Germany Nimar Formation, India Alburni, Italy Damergou, Zinder, Niger Cochirleni Formation
  • Nimadi is a Western Indo - Aryan language spoken in the Nimar region of west - central India within the state of Madhya Pradesh. This region lies adjacent
  • Chichli Khurd is a village in Punasa Tehsil, East Nimar district, Madhya Pradesh. Its population was 1, 095 as per population census 2011. Search Details:
  • Baghelkhand Region Bundelkhand Region Satpura Plateau Hills Malwa Plateau Nimar Plateau Jhabua Hills Leeshiv There are total 52 districts in Madhya Pradesh
  • for the first time after being demanded for a decade by the residents of Nimar region, as well as Eastern Gujarat. It is to span 157 - km, to be built at
  • popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh especially in Braj, Nimar and Malwa regions Dal is prepared using tuvaar dal, chana dal prepared
  • Dada Darbar is a Hindu Temple in Khandwa, Nimar region, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is named after Dadaji Dhuniwale. Dada Darbar is built at the memorial
  • headquarters for the Nimar Agency and cantonment from 1819 to 1864. In 1823, it became the headquarters for the District of Nimar which, until 1864, was
  • Barwaha Tehsil and Khargone District. It is located in the area known as West Nimar Economically this village is dependent on agriculture. It is known for

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