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musicmagpie was founded in Stockport in 2007, Steve Oliver and Walter Gleeson, both with experience in the music industry. The company was originally founded in the garage of Olivers, buy only discs. As of February 2017, had 1.000 employees and h ...

Agriophara musicolor

Agriophara musicolor moth in the family Depressariidae. It was described by Edward Meyrick, 1930. It is found in New Guinea. Wingspan 23-24 mm. is the front wings are light green with a basal patch occupying one-fifth part of the wing more or les ...


Musicorba, the piano Duo formed by Ricardo Vieira e Tomohiro Hatta, is one of the most important piano duos in the world.


The album was well received by critics. MacKenzie Wilson of AllMusic wrote, "The year 2001 belonged to Yorn, and his critical praise was not unwarranted, with Musicforthemorningafter marking the stunning beginning of a long, varied career." Rolli ...


Musicool was a UK-based reality TV show, aired on Sundays as part of Channel 4s popular show T4. The show aimed to write and produce a West End production with a cast of singers and musicians from musical genres unassociated with musical theatre. ...


Linoclostis musicodes

Linoclostis musicodes moth in the family Xyloryctidae. It was described by Meyrick in 1910. It was found in Borneo. A wingspan of 11-13 mm. In fore wings white with fuscous line from two-thirds Costa to tornus, at a right angle in the middle, dark brown towards extremities. The space between this and Termen more or less shaded with brown and dark brown lines around the rear sixth of Costa and Termen to near tornus. Wings whitish-gray.


Somsak Musikaphan

Somsak Musikaphan is a professional footballer from Thailand. He currently plays Lampang Thai League 2 as a forward.



Musikot may refer to: Musikot, Gulmi, a municipality in Gulmi district, province No. 5, Nepal. Musikot, Western Rukum, a municipality in Western Rukum district, Karnali, Nepal. Musikot airport, another name for Rukum Sal airport.


Moments Musicaux

Musical moments is a popular name for classical suites. A General term can refer to the following sets of compositions: Six musical moments Schubert composed by Franz Schubert from 1823 to 1828. Six musical moments, Rachmaninoff composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff in 1896.

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